StoryPodcastingWorkshop - by Muskan (Episode 183)

Episode 183
6m | May 28, 2024

For the next few days, you can listen to a couple of stories every single day.

And That’s because on our podcast we will have some special storytellers!! We have middle and high school students who through the summer have been learning about how to craft their own stories and then produce them on a podcast.

Free activity sheet available at Let’s give a warm welcome Muskan.


The secret of the peacock heirloom.

Lush, the peacock habitat is a vibrant ecosystem loaded with life and colour, just as its name suggests. A tranquil forest with dense vegetation and a variety of tall, green trees. Amidst the symphony of bird calls and the riot of colours from the blooming flowers adorning the habitat, reside nature’s living canvases, peacocks.

In the city of Starheaven, it is believed that peacocks are gods after the last magical peacock, Lord Peacock, died. Ever since the preservation of this heritage of the dynasty has been the responsibility of every citizen in Starheaven.

One sunny morning, amidst the gentle chirp of birds, and the whistling of the gentle breeze, a tall, witty lady,Olivia, was summoned at an urgent excavation which was being conducted at Lush. This was being done to discover the ancient statue of Lord Peacock which was rumoured to have a magical ring that could grant wishes. The slim, smartly dressed archaeologist’s hazel eyes beamed with excitement to finally have her dream of being a part of the team reaching to the statue, come true. 

Hold your horses, dear listeners, as Olivia’s hopes tarnished when she encountered Max, her biggest rival, eager to get his hands on the ring and create chaos in the world.

During the process of the excavation, Olivia and Max stood tall, exchanging disgusted looks to each other setting a distinct quiet at the site. The thought of getting to the statue before Max kept ringing in Olivia's agile mind. “I need to succeed in this challenge come what may!”, was the only statement she was murmuring to herself.

After about half an hour, Olivia's assistant exclaimed with joy,” We have found something!”. Olivia’s high bun bounced up and down as if it were is spring when she rushed and bent down for a visual. The site of the finding let the young lady to smile as if she was already victorious. To her joy, it was an inscription that stated the way to the Lord's statue.

In the meantime, Max, with a flushed face, was cooking up a plan to get to the statue before Olivlia. When Olivia’s team returned to their office, using new-age technology, they managed to decode the script and discover a clue that stated to pass a labyrinth situated deep underground of the site. “Enterif you dare.”, the last statement of the inscription caused a strain of chill running through Olivia.

As the peacocks called it a day and hid under the bushy trees of Lush, Olivia and her team silently dug through the ground until they saw the labyrinth, unknown that Max was following them. Olivia bravely jumped down with a lantern towards the ancient corridors which twisted and turned uncountable times,unknowlingly leading the way for Max. Deep below the dense vegetation of the forest, the ancient walls were shrouded in damp moss, and the scent of earth filled the air.

Although the creepy sounds of crickets distracted her, Olivia maintained her lead dodging pitfalls and several collapsing walls. 

Soon, the Ancient statues came alive, blocking their way as they raced through the maze. Finally in the dim-lit chamber,the statue beamed in an outwardly aura with the mesmerising ring drawing Olivia and Max towards it. Without wasting time they both darted forward. Just when they did so, a large snake pounced on Olivia causing Max to steal the ring. “Ha ha ha!”, Max cackled as he escaped. When Olivia glanced at the snake, she was horrified to have noticed that the snake had scales in vibrant colours, which meant that it was poisonous! This instantly gave Olivia sweaty palms. But Max didn't know that, nothing could let Olivia’s spirits down, “No!”, Olivia screamed in shock, “I cannot give up!”, she said to herself. She threw the snake away, and as it was slithering further away from her, she climbed the boulders beside her moving upwards and out of the labyrinth.“Team, stop Max!” she yelled in terror. But they failed to stop Max. She then stepped forward and put her athletic training to test. Olivia performed her signature high jump over Max. His face was astonished, she snatched the ring from his hand and landed safely.

Before he could react, Olivia's team caught hold of him and immediately took him to the police station. The next day Olivia made her dream come true, using the powers of the magical ring she wore, a ginormous golden temple arose from the ground. The breathtaking piece of art was a preservation for the elusive statue and its ring, and a wonderful tribute to the eternal heritage of the peacock dynasty.

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