StoryPodcastingWorkshop - by Aarav (Episode 181)

Episode 190
8m | May 27, 2024

For the next few days, you can listen to a couple of stories every single day.

And That’s because on our podcast we will have some special storytellers!! We have middle and high school students who through the summer have been learning about how to craft their own stories and then produce them on a podcast.

Free activity sheet available at Let’s give a warm welcome Aryahi


Same people different Worlds


The floor boards creaked as Tim entered the eldritch hallway with broken and cracked brick-covered walls now engulfed by moss. Owls hooted, leaves rustled and lightning struck the ground. There was also an unpleasant, damp, putrid smell mixed with the heavy mist that surrounded him. The closer Tim got the odour was almost unbearable with the mist(how is there mist inside??) thickening with every step he took. Soon, he reached a large old fashioned wooden door. After pushing the seemingly immutable door, with quite a lot of effort he found a gateway, a portal.

It was levitating, radiating enchanted emerald light drawing Tim towards it. His penetrating almond eyes directly glanced into the portal. His curiosity had won, he stepped in. Woosh! He disappeared, he was in another world. 

A cool but harsh breeze hit his face and shivers ran down his spine. He was surrounded by stone alters with unknown symbols and vines creeping around them. He asked himself, “Where am I?”. He looked around frantically, the portal behind him had disappeared. His eyes widened in horror as he started running around desperately, looking for help but to no avail. He was stuck…the sheer shock made him collapse. All he could do was lay down and reflect on his life, he questioned his choices, and all the trouble he had caused to his loved ones and he really wanted to correct them all.

Regaining consciousness, he looking around and saw himself in a cave dimly lit by a burned-out campfire, the cave-wallscovered with moss and vegetationin the cracks everywhere and creepers crawling in and out of the cracks on the walls. them. ‘Where am I?’ he thought .

“You awake? “Questioned a familiar voice. Tim frantically got up and glared directly at the man’s face. His jaw dropped. He saw the curly brown hair, almond eyes and oval face that belonged to him. The realization struck harder than lightning. The man in front of him was himself. He stood there in disbelief which quickly turned into fear. He was clearly no match for him. Despite this, he maintained a calm demeaner and assertively questioned, “I thank you for saving me, however do you plan on fighting me?”

“‘You can call me Timmothy and no I won’t be fighting you, you can trust me.” responded the clone.

Tim,now assured, politely questioned “You know any way out of here?”. Timmothy’s expression changed into that of someone afraid when he said, “ Yes…” he responded, “however it’s quite risky,” 

Tim just nodded. He was ready for any challenges as long as he reached home.

“There is a key guarded by an ancient tribe,” Timmothy continued, “without their approval we cannot escape”. Tim’s eyes darkened.

“And if we were to use force?” questioned Tim in an arrogant voice.

Timmothy retorted,“We can’t, there's too many of them”, Tim just sighed in response.

“Let’s sleep for now, we will talk to them tomorrow” suggested Timmothy. Tim just nodded and lay down on the bare floor of the cave, tossing and turning, thinking about the tribal people and how he would fight them all.

Now at dawn(morning time) Tim, with a sparkle in his eyes was off to meet the tribe’s officials, to convince them to lend the key to the duo.  he knew it wouldn’t be easy but he had a plan. Soon he found himself in a lush green forest surrounded by a variety of birds singing and underneath a giant tree the most important key officials rested, the ones who were going to pass the judgment regarding handing over the key. A few moments later in front of him, stood the leader. He was a tall, well-built man with a dark skin tone, his body and face were both scared but all Tim cared about was the fact that he was the only one with the access to the key and that Tim had to convince him to give the key.

Tim was immediately met with a hostile glare from the leader and the aura surrounding the place became dense the birds became quiet with this. Tim knew convincing the king would be impossible..

“I have got it!”, shouted a voice. Everyone turned towards the voice and found Timmothy running towards the exit after trapping all of the tribe’s forces(you have to add what this tribe’s force was earlier). Tim just chuckled and making use of the opportunity dashed towards exit and was off to the portal. Timmothy had done it, he had gotten the key .

Timmothy placed the key on the alter(you have to describe the alter when they enter the portal) , causing it to glow violently in the air and both their eyes once again laid on the enchanted portal it now radiating a light shade of blue it, it perfectly fit into the dome shape of the alter. With a look of appreciation and admiration the clones glanced at each other one last time with a final goodbye both entered the portal, going back to their families. 

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