StoryPodcastingWorkshop - by Harshith (Episode 177)

Episode 177
4m | May 25, 2024

For the next few days, you can listen to a couple of stories every single day.

And That’s because on our podcast we will have some special storytellers!! We have middle and high school students who through the summer have been learning about how to craft their own stories and then produce them on a podcast.

Free activity sheet available at Let’s give a warm welcome to Harshith.


The Healing Magical Tree

Once there were two brothers who loved each other and were always taking care of each other.. They stayed in a house near a forest and alwys enjoyed going to the open patch in the midle of the forest to play.

One day they both are playing together, one of the brother was near fruit tree and he was hungry. He jumped up grabbed a few of them that looked liked oranges land gobbled two of them. Within a minute he realized that they were poisonous as  .,the boy who ate the fruit was getting multi-coloured glowing pimples on his body and he was shivering. The other brother came and saw,he was shocked .

Just then a muni who was also a doctor asked him the problem. The boy said pointing to the tree laden with fruit,''my brother got some kind of pimples  after eating that fruit.

 the muni saw the fruit that the boy had eaten,It was leftover near the tree, the muni said,” oh, young boy these are poisoness and there’s just one cure.”

.The boy pleaded the muni to tell''where this medicine would be''.The muni said that it would be on the himalayasand described the magical tree to him.

The brother  had to face many obstacles while bringing the fruit like, he was injured ,the mountain was a bit high ,he do not have any water for his throat was parched. When he was climbing the tree he saw a cave, where a lion was living at that time the lion saw the boy and started growling.Then the lion moved towards the boy, nervously tried to climb the tree .But the lion caught the boy's shoe and the lion threw him down he was bruised at many places. after falling down he was scared and he was shivering then he thought about his brother. There was a gun shot in the distant and the lion left the boy and went back. The boy gathered his courage and Finally he reached the place where the muni had told about the magical tree. after looking around for some time he saw up towards the the peak  then he saw the magical tree.  .He started climbing up again, but the boy did not went near the cave and he climbed up safely and reached to the tree.He struggled a lot as by now he was very tired.Then he saw an another tree in which there were many apples hanging on it then he ate it and relaxed for some time.After resting he went back to his brother. said ''my brother eat this fruit you will be absolutely fine.His brother took the fruit and ate it, he shouted and told ''Mm,.... very delicious ''. then all his pimplea vanished . he said to his brother, “Thank you so much.”


The boy's brother was fully recovered.The boy was very happy and told his brother that you are my best brother and thanked him .




The End







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