StoryPodcastingWorkshop - by Saanvita (Episode 182)

Episode 176
4m | May 28, 2024

For the next few days, you can listen to a couple of stories every single day.

And That’s because on our podcast we will have some special storytellers!! We have middle and high school students who through the summer have been learning about how to craft their own stories and then produce them on a podcast.

Free activity sheet available at Let’s give a warm welcome Saanvita


Title: The Magical Horn

There once was a place full of magical creatures, there were enchanted forests, charming oceans, vibrant coloured birds and there were the mythical unicorns !!!

This was their fantasy land called. Mesmer, . The forest was mesmerizing. Below each colourful tree, there were beautiful houses. The flowers were equally if not more beautiful. There were pink Lily flowers, white daisies, golden sunflowers,  purple vines and dark green creepers. The unicorns used these flowers and vines to make garlands and crowns for each other. All of them were happy ey make magical things like toys, paper etc.

Once when Bella, a unicorn, got her unicorn keeper Wendy. She was super excited as to have a unicorn keep meant to get magical powers. Indeed, Wendy gave powers to Bella and explained, “ Bella! You must listen to me and never misuse these powers.”


Bella nodded and always obeyed to her keeper, Wendy.

One day while playing fetch, the ball fell near a big purple door that was decorated beautifully. Wendy and Bella went to get the ball. Bella asked, “ where does this door lead to??”

 , Wendy replied,” It’s a door between the evil queen and the unicorns. You must never enter it.”

That day Bella kept thinking about the purple door. Bella was thinking about the purple door while both of them walked back home. Bella somehow couldn’t get the purple door out of her mind and eventually she sneaked towards the door and walked straight into the door.. Bella was surprised to see the room for it had sparkling jewels studded everywhere and the pleasant fragrance gave the room a very calming effect. The evil queen wanted to get magical powers from the unicorn. Looking at Bella, the the evil queen thought if she acted nice then Bella will give her powers.

The evil queen changed herself into a beautiful queen and welcomed Bella. Bella was impressed by the beauty of the queen and the room. The queen gifted Bella several gifts like rainbow sprinkles, sparkly bracelets, colorful hatchets, a Unicorn heart chocolate etc.

The evil queen asked, “What are your special powers, my dear Bella?”

By now Bella felt she was safe and shared everything with the evil queen.

“These are great powers, why don’t you share some with me…Sharing is caring, right?”

Back in Mesmer, Wendy who noticed Bella was missing started to search for her. Luckily When Bella was about to give her powers Wendy pushed open the purple door and d grabbed Bella and stopped her in the nick of time..

The evil queen got angry and came to her evil form. Then the evil queen tried to grab Bella but Wendy carried Bella and ran outside the purple door. She then locked the door forever. So that no innocent unicorn gets caught by the evil queen. Bella promised to never run away from Wendy and always be safe

The End



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