StoryPodcastingWorkshop - by Vaanika (Episode 190)

Episode 180
5m | May 27, 2024

For the next few days, you can listen to a couple of stories every single day.

And That’s because on our podcast we will have some special storytellers!! We have middle and high school students who through the summer have been learning about how to craft their own stories and then produce them on a podcast.

Free activity sheet available at Let’s give a warm welcome Vaanika


A Heist

Splash! A hot summer afternoon was the perfect time to go swimming, or at least four siblings thought so. Daisy and Lily were both 11 years old. Daisy tended to forget things, while luckily Lily’s memory was strong.

“Daisy, just so you don’t forget, let me remind you, we need to pack caps, swimsuits, goggles, scuba-diving sets and oxygen masks for emergencies,” Lily reminded Daisy for the third time that morning.

Jivaran was Daisy and Lily’s younger brother. Incontrast to his looks, especially his  fierce eyes, he was innocent and kind at heart. He had a fiery temper, and only Daisy’s peaceful words could calm him down. Jasmine was a year younger than Jivaran. This nine-year old girl had innocent inquisitive eyes. She was very fast runner and was also a prodigy in science and mathematics. The four kids jumped down into the water – sometimes splashing water on other and sometimes swimming.

“Good thing I know how to swim, this lake is very deep”, Jivaran commented.

‘We all know how to swim’, Lily said. “Come on, let us go to the other side of the lake”. Excitedly, the three kids followed Lily towards the other side of the lake. Jasmine suddenly shouted, “Wait, the water is becoming hot and black. Jump out right now. Don’t ask why”. They came out of the lake frantically. Jasmine bit her lips and her hands fumbled. They ran into the hut and dried themselves quickly. (Jasmine picked up two chemicals and an empty bottle from the shelf.) – I had told you to add this while are there specific chemicals in the hut??)  She poured a few drops of both chemicals into the empty bottle. Running outside towards the lake, she poured the contents of the bottle into the water.

“A water poisoner must have been spilled into the water that turned it hot and black. I mixed the right chemicals from our hut to make this solution. I read about this antidote in a chemistry book. It reverses the poisoning process, however, needs to be done within the first 10 minutes of being added,”, Jasmine explained. “Hurry, let us wear our oxygen masks and dive in to save anybody who is still in the lake”.

“Last year, grandfather gifted us these electronic devices that we can use to communicate through any medium, including water. Let’s us take them with us too. They are insulated and safe to use”, Jivaran suggested.

 They all dived in and started to hear voices.

“Johnson, why did you spill the chemical? Now there are very little chances of you being able to train at the ‘Kron Krutz Academy’ next month,” a gruff voice said.

“K.K.A! We have to stop them,” Daisy exclaimed.

“I packed chains, maybe we can use them now to lock them up,” Jasmine advised.

The siblings carefully sneaked behind the men and locked them up.

“Who are you?” Jivaran asked.

“Name’s Herbet Krutz. This is my student, Triv Jhonson. What do you want?” Herbet Krutz said.

He broke the chains and pulled a lever. Suddenly, the children were stuck in a tiny jail. Herbet and Triv laughed wickedly at them. Jasmine was lost in her thoughts.

“The “Kron Krutz Colony has to be put out of business. They know how to make new kinds of bombs to annihilate their enemies if peace was denied. K.K.C has the dangerous documents. We must act fast,” Jivaran explained.

“Aha! The jail is not covered from the top. We can swim up, hurry,” Jasmine exclaimed.

They swam out, taking all of the documents that K.K.C took. They called the police the moment they were out. The police observed the documents and said, “Good work, children. But where are the thieves?”

“All under the lake,” Daisy giggled.

The police arrested each and every member of the K.K.C. The net day, the case came out in the newspaper of how Four children saved the world from K.K.C’s bad intentions. The four siblings were very happ

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