StoryPodcastingWorkshop - by Akshit (Episode 176)

Episode 176
3m | May 25, 2024

For the next few days, you can listen to a couple of stories every single day.

And That’s because on our podcast we will have some special storytellers!! We have middle and high school students who through the summer have been learning about how to craft their own stories and then produce them on a podcast.

Free activity sheet available at Let’s give a warm welcome to Akshit.


Once upon a time in the magical world of eonia there lived a young boy named ahaan. Ahaan was a very outgoing child and loved all types of activities. 

In Eonia you could find potions for everything! But there was one potion where if you drank it once you need to go through the dangerous forest to find the solution to it. Ahaan with his curious mind took this potion and drank it. Ahaan had suddenly become smaller than a cockroach! He started to panic because he couldnt do anything but go through that forest. A few hours passed and Ahaan had barely moved because his footsteps are so small! Ahaan thought that he could hang on to a car which goes near the forest! He had done this and then a few minutes later he was in the dangerous forest. He was always very scared of such big animals amd obstacles. The first obstacle which ahaan had to cross was the jump over the alligators but there were a few things to help him because he was so small. Ahaan had did the first one frightened but in ease and calm. Ahaan found out that the solution to make it across these obstacles was to keep his mind calm and composed. the 2nd obstacle was to solve a few math equations. Ahaan was good at math so he passed this one with ease as well. then was the last obstacle which was to walk on the bridge and if u miss one step you will fall into the lava! Ahaan closed his eyes walked carefully and kept calm and then he had crossed it! Ahaan couldnt believe it. 

He had drunk the solution potion and was back to his normal size and was happier than ever! He had told this tale to everyone in his village and he is an inspirtatioon to all.

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