From The Archive-Stories from Near and Far: A Clever Monkey(Episode137)

Episode 137
7m | Aug 5, 2023

The Clever Monday is a folk tale from Thailand wherein a witty monkey keeps outfoxing others and in the end, is left empty-handed.

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Once there was a clever monkey that enjoyed outsmarting people and profiting from them. One day, the monkey got a thorn in his tail and went to a barber.

Monkey told the Barber. “Remove this thorn from my tail.’

The Barber said, “Sure! Please be seated.”

The barber took his razor, which is like a knife, brought out the thorn but oops at the same time got a bit of monkey’s tail.

The monkey was furious, “You cut a bit of my tail, now give me this razor as compensation.” He thought the barber has nothing else to give him. Something is better than nothing.

The barber did as was asked and the monkey was happy, he had won over the barber.

So, children, what do you think the monkey will do with the razor? ..let’s see

On the way home, the monkey met an old woman who was cutting firewood, but her axe had broken. The witty monkey wanted to get the wood because he thought the razor was of no use. So, he cooked up a plan in his mind.

He politely asked the old woman with the broken axe, “What happened? Why are you sad?

The old woman replied showing the broken axe, “My only axe broke and now I cannot cut the wood.”

The witty monkey knew his plan was working. He offered the woodcutter lady to use his razor to cut the wood.

Children, do you think razors can cut wood? No!

Then what will happen to the razor? Let’s see.     

The woman gladly accepted the offer but soon the razor broke as the monkey had thought. The monkey was enraged, “You broke my razor, and you have to give me all your firewood in exchange for the razor.”

The scared woman did as was asked by the monkey.

The monkey was happy, he had won over the old lady

Collecting all the firewood the monkey went ahead.

Shortly afterwards the monkey met another woman who was preparing Thai fishcakes by the fire. The aroma of the delicious fish cake wafted all around that made the witty monkey’s mouth water.

Children, What is your favourite snack? Is it something sweet, sour, salty, or spicy?

Well, let’s get ahead with the story and see what happens.

The woman was very sad.

The monkey asked, “What happened, why are you sad?”

The woman replied, “My firewood is exhausted, but the fish cakes are not ready yet. I do not know what to do?”

The monkey smiled as a plan was brewing in his witty mind to get hold of all the fishcakes. And as a part of the plan, he offered the woman his firewood.

The old woman gladly accepted the offer.

After some time, the fish cakes were ready, but she had used up all the firewood.

Hence, the monkey became very vexed and said sharply, “You have to give all the fishcakes as the price for the use of my firewood.

The scared woman did as was asked.

The monkey was happy, he had won over the lady.

Happy and amused, that clever monkey ran off with the fishcakes. However, the aroma of the fishcakes attracted some dogs who barked and chased the monkey. This was when the petrified monkey left all the cakes behind him and climbed onto a tree to find shelter from the dogs.

Finally, the clever monkey was empty-handed, while the dogs feasted on the delicious fish cakes!

You see children, the monkey tried to outsmart, but in the end, he was left with nothing.

Hence remember; Being clever is good, but tricking people for your personal gain is not!

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