Archive-Akbar & Birbal Tales : Birbal Counts The Crows (Episode 136)

Episode 136
4m | Jul 29, 2023

Akbar and Birbal folktales are very famous in India. These are a set of moral stories inspired by the interactions of Mughal Emperor Akbar and his wisest courtier Birbal and have been enjoyed by children for many many years. These stories were mostly passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth, till the print medium started. You know children, Birbal was an extremely witty courtier and. you will really enjoy listening to the witty, interesting, and sometimes funny, occurrences in the lives of Akbar and Birbal. These stories also help us to think smart just like Birbal.

Today's story: Birbal Counts The Crows is one such witty story where Akbar tests him

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Birbal was Akbar’s favourite minister. Once Akbar wanted to test Birbal’s wit and asked him a question. He asked, “Birbal, tell me how many crows live in our city Agra?”

Children, Agra is a city in the north of India and a part of Akbar’s kingdom.

Do you know how to take care of birds?

Yes! We could give them water in the summers, and put some seeds for them, if they are hurt, we can bring them home.

Birbal very quickly replied, “Your highness, there are 1,46,789 in number.”

Akbar was surprised how could Birbal tell this with so much accuracy. He questioned Birbal, “How can you give an exact number and be so confident?”

Birbal innocently smiled and said, “Your majesty, you can ask your soldiers to count them. If there are more than 146789, then some of the crows from our neighbouring cities would be visiting their relatives in Agra or if they are fewer, then some of ours must have gone to visit theirs. But I am sure we have only 146789 in our kingdom.” 

Akbar laughed, once again impressed with his minister's wit.

Hope the story made you smile.

Children, can you tell me what must you do to increase the number of birds in your area?

Indeed, we should not destroy their nests, grow more trees as the trees are home to the birds and not add to pollution


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