Fox Tales: The Fox And The Stork (Episode 139)

Episode 139
5m | Aug 19, 2023

Welcome to the Fox Tales series. Today’s story-'The Fox And The Stork' is a story where Fox tries to act smart, but listen to the story to find out if he succeeds or not!

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One day, a selfish fox invited a stork for dinner.

Children, How do you feel when you get an invitation to a party?


So, even the Stork was very happy with the invitation – On the day of the party she dressed up in her finest suit and with a big smile on her face, she reached the fox’s home. She stored her feathers with her long beak. Then feeling good she knocked at the door with her long beak.


Children, the Stork uses her beak for two things, can you name them and add another use?

That’s right, the stork used her beak for straightening her feathers and knocking on the door. She also uses her beak to catch fish.

Let’s listen ahead.


So, the stork knocked at the door of the fox’s house. The fox opened the door and greeted her. Then took her to the dinner table. The aroma of the delicious food made the stork’s mouth water.

The fox served some soup in shallow bowls for both of them. As the bowl was too shallow for the stork, she couldn’t have soup at all. But, the fox licked up his soup quickly.

The stork was angry and upset, but he was a calm, even-tempered fellow and saw no good in flying into a rage and behaved politely.

She thanked the fox for the dinner, which she couldn’t even taste.

After a few days, the stork invited the Fox to dine with her in turn.

The fox was intrigued that despite what he had done to the stork, she was still inviting him.

The fox was excited about the dinner and on the day of the dinner, he. Got ready and went to the stork’s home. The stork welcomes him and she too served soup, but this time the soup was served in two tall narrow vases.


Children, why do you think the stork did that?

Yes, to take revenge.

The stork drank the soup from her vase, but the fox couldn’t drink any of it because of the soup container’s narrow neck. The fox realised his mistake and went home hungry.

Moral of the Story

A selfish act backfires sooner or later!


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