Episode 33 - A "Go Giver" Real Estate Agent: Interview with Liz Rossof

38m | Sep 2, 2023


In this episode, I interviewed Liz Rossof, an RE/MAX realtor based in Denver, Colorado. Liz shares her transition from an art and technology background to becoming a real estate agent in Denver. She talks about Denver's changing real estate market, challenges faced by homebuyers, and strategies to navigate it, including understanding zoning and creating clean offers. Some other wonderful topics covered in the interview includes:

- Liz explains “house hacking”, which means turning your property, especially your primary residence, into a monetizing opportunity. House hacking can range from renting out a room in your home to buying duplexes, triplexes, or buildings to become a landlord and offset your mortgage.

- She discusses the impact of awards like the Watson Fellowship and Jacob Javits Fellowship on her work ethic and client approach.

- Liz emphasizes the importance of providing excellent service and leveraging word-of-mouth referrals.

- Liz shares her story of creative marketing by engaging with the community who share a passion for pets.

- Liz envisions continued growth in the real estate business, potentially expanding her team and offering educational programs.

- A book recommendation: "The Go-Giver" by Bob Burg and John David Mann, emphasizing the value of giving to receive.

- You can find more about Liz on her website, which includes a blog called "Notes from the Nook" with tips on Denver and real estate.

⭐️About Liz:

Liz loves pop-culture, what's new, and what’s trending in food, fashion, business, and technology. However, when it comes to real estate, what excites her the most is the highest quality in design and aesthetically timeless properties. When selling a home, she brings a lifetime of love for real estate, complemented by 28 years of experience in marketing, design, and technology. This combined background provides her with a unique edge, allowing her to think out-of-the-box and utilize the necessary tools to ensure homes stand out in the market and attract the desired offers.

Liz holds the title of Accredited Buyers Representative®, and her greatest personal reward as a Realtor® is turning renters into homeowners. Having lived on both coasts of the US and abroad, she takes pride in being a Denverite now, where she appreciates the abundant offerings of the city. Liz is always ready to assist newcomers in discovering Denver's charms; she encourages them to call her for guidance. Fluent in Spanish, she dedicates her free time to swimming at Carla Madison and volunteering with rescue dogs when she is not working.

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