Episode 51: Mom's Got Money - Interview with Catherine Collins

43m | May 11, 2024


In this episode, I interviewed Catherine Collins, a nationally recognized personal finance writer, editor, and author. Catherine began her journey by starting a blog during her graduate school years as a creative outlet. Struggling financially with a small stipend, she shared her budgeting techniques and thrift store decor tips on her blog. This initial venture gradually evolved as more opportunities came her way, including writing for banks despite having no prior experience with mortgages. Catherine's ability to learn and adapt quickly led her to numerous opportunities, including social media brand deals and eventually a book deal. Her company, The Alford Media Group LLC, alongside her book, "Mom's Got Money," reflects her dedication to empowering women in financial matters, particularly moms who she feels are often intimidated by finance.

The book aims to motivate moms to take an active role in managing family finances, using relatable examples and encouraging them to leverage their skills gained from motherhood. Catherine emphasizes the importance of finding personal finance resources that resonate on a personal level, advocating for following influencers or reading books that reflect one's own life experiences and challenges.

Her journey also led to starting a new company and a podcast named "Five-Year You," focusing on personal development and self-improvement, with finance being one part of a broader spectrum. Catherine speaks about resilience and self-advocacy, especially following her unexpected divorce, which tested her financially and personally. She underlines the importance of resilience in financial matters, especially when facing life's unpredictabilities.

Besides her professional endeavors, Catherine also touches on being highly sensitive and how this trait has shaped her approach to personal development and entrepreneurship. Her strategy involves utilizing her sensitivity to empathize and connect with others, which enhances her podcasting and helps her engage with her audience effectively.

Overall, Catherine's narrative is about leveraging personal challenges and traits to foster growth and resilience, encouraging women to become proactive and confident in handling finances and personal development.

⭐️About Catherine:

Catherine Collins (formerly Catherine Alford) is a nationally recognized personal finance writer, editor, and author. She wrote the book Mom's Got Money: A Millennial Mom's Guide to Managing Money Like a Boss.

She has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Good Morning America, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, U.S. News and World Report, Real Simple, The Huffington Post, Kiplinger, Investopedia, Business Insider, and many more.

Through her company, The Alford Media Group, she provides high-quality freelance writing and content management to several websites and companies. Catherine's specializations include long-form SEO content and editing. She has managed a team of three freelance writers with responsibilities including editing, maintaining an editorial calendar, and scheduling newsletters.

Her past experience as an English instructor to university students has given Catherine extreme attention to detail, making her an ideal candidate to take your company's content and copywriting to the next level.

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► Podcast: Five Year You

☞ Catherine’s Book Recommendation:

► "Atomic Habits” by James Clear

► Books by Freida McFadden

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