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No fluff personal finance education from real personal finance experiences.

(Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. My podcast and YouTube channel are for educational purposes only and merely cite my own personal opinions. In order to make the best financial decision that suits your own needs, you must conduct your own research and seek the advice of a licensed financial advisor if necessary.)


Metaverse Season, Episode 8 - Metaverse Digital Products
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Metaverse Season, Episode 7 - Can you be a Metaverse influencer? Yes!
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Metaverse Season, Episode 6 - Thinking about Metaverse Education? It Is Already Here!
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Metaverse Season, Episode 5 - How to Become A Metaverse Technical Expert
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Metaverse Season, Episode 4 - How to Become A Metaverse Consultant
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Metaverse Season, Episode 3 - How to Become a Designer or Architect in the Metaverse
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Metaverse Season, Episode 2 - Top 5 Metaverse Companies to Invest In
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Metaverse Season, Episode 1 - Metaverse Real Estate Investing
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Metaverse Season Trailer
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Episode 16 - Why Are NFT Prices Tanking?
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Episode 15 - Why Are Gas Prices So High?
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Episode 14 - Cryptocurrency 101
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Episode 13 - I Became a Millionaire by Age 35 by Doing This One Thing
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Episode 12 - 5 Books That Changed My Life
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Episode 11 - 10 Metaverse Business Opportunities
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Episode 10 - Mutual Funds, Index Funds vs. ETFs
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Episode 9 - 5 Effective Tips to Pay off Debt
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Episode 8 - 10 Steps for Real Estate Investing
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Episode 7 - Tips to Save Money That Really Work
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Episode 6 - 10 Side Hustle Ideas
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Episode 5 - Inflation, Recession & Strategies to Tackle
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Episode 4 - How to Increase Your Earned Income Fast
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Episode 3 - Budgeting Tips and Tricks
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Episode 2 - Steps of Financial Planning
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Episode 1 - When Is the Next Real Estate Crash in the US??
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