Episode 46 - Who Not How: Interview with Mark Murphy

47m | Mar 2, 2024


In this episode, I interviewed Mark Murphy, CEO at Northeast Private Client Group. Mark discusses his career journey in financial planning and wealth management, emphasizing the importance of serving others and creating value. He stresses the significance of focusing on passion, expertise, and serving a purpose.

Mark advocates for a "who not how" approach, prioritizing collaboration and surrounding oneself with smart, honest individuals. He introduces the concept of "paychecks versus play checks," urging for a balance between earning income and investing in assets that provide financial freedom. Mark also encourages continuous learning and getting paid for one's knowledge rather than just their actions.

Mark then discusses three main ways of creating wealth: investing in one's own business, investing in real estate, and financing deals. He contrasts these methods with traditional investment vehicles like stocks and emphasizes the importance of active involvement and leveraging other people's expertise and resources.

Mark also touches on the value of problem-solving mindset and the integration of harmony, health, wealth, purpose, and love in achieving a successful life. He recommends books by Malcolm Gladwell and highlights the importance of feedback and coaching in personal and professional development.

⭐️About Mark:

Mark Murphy is an accomplished CEO, author, speaker, motivator, and podcast host, who is transforming the financial planning and wealth management industry with his innovative and forward-thinking approach. As the Chief Executive Officer of Northeast Private Client Group, a national financial planning and wealth management firm, Mr. Murphy is a highly sought-after key business strategist and critical thinker. He is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to achieve multigenerational wealth by providing personalized strategies that focus on emotional fitness, wealth accumulation, and a plan that can work under all circumstances.

Mr. Murphy's expertise in strategic planning and financial engineering has benefited a diverse range of clients, including closely held businesses, mid-size companies, celebrities, athletes, hedge fund managers, doctors, dentists, and other high net worth individuals. His unwavering commitment to delivering a "wow" experience has earned him a reputation as a trusted expert in the industry.

💜 Where to find Mark:

► Website:

► Facebook: /

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☞ Mark’s Book Recommendation:

► “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell:

► “Freakonomics Revised and Expanded Edition” by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J Dubner:

► “The Ultimate Investment” by Mark B. Murphy:

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