Episode 41 - Millennial Money Advisor: Interview with Shari Rash

33m | Dec 23, 2023


In this episode, I interviewed Shari, a virtual financial advisor, who talks about her background, experience, and approach in helping clients manage finances, especially focusing on millennials and those approaching retirement. Shari became a virtual advisor during the pandemic, finding that remote interactions were beneficial for clients’ comfort discussing finances. She highlights common financial challenges faced by clients, including issues with managing inheritance, taxes, retirement transitions, and unexpected windfalls.

Shari's financial planning program addresses essential financial aspects over a three-month period, aiding clients in understanding their financial situation, budgets, insurance, and investment strategies. Her aim is to empower clients, particularly women, who are often underserved in the financial industry, to become more involved and comfortable with their finances.

Regarding marketing strategies, Shari focuses on search engine optimization powered by blogging and maintaining an online presence through her website, podcast ("Money Chic"), and social media platforms like X, Facebook and Instagram. She emphasizes the importance of finding a financial advisor based on trust, compatibility, and expertise, encouraging individuals not to wait until they're experts to seek financial guidance.

Shari's fulfilling experiences as an advisor revolve around helping clients alleviate financial worries and improve communication about money within relationships, and witnessing the positive impact of financial planning on clients' lives.

⭐️About Shari:

Shari’s mission revolves around simplifying financial matters for women and young families. Shari's firm, Greenway Wealth Advisory, is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and is deeply committed to guiding clients through advice-based relationships. Her approach involves understanding clients' goals, risk thresholds, and concerns to make informed financial decisions tailored to their needs. The primary focus is on collaborating with families, offering retirement planning, education funding insights, and guidance on eldercare. Additionally, she provides specialized attention to women who may not have received adequate financial support and millennials embarking on their wealth accumulation journey.

Shari extends her help by addressing several crucial questions:

  • Do you have a plan in place to fund life’s journeys? Are you juggling career and family and don’t know where to start with your finances?
  • Are you comfortable with your financial future? Do you need to catch up on retirement savings due to time off work to care for your family?
  • Do you know where to start building your wealth? Is financial education one of your goals?

For those interested in a Complimentary Review Session to discuss their financial goals, Shari can be contacted via email at or by phone at 833-833-1903.

💜 Where to find Shari:

► Website:

► X:

► Facebook:

► Instagram: @MillennialMoneyAdvisor

☞ Shari’s Book Recommendation:

► "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" by Ramit Sethi:

►"The Millennial Roadmap to a Rich Life" by by Jeremy Kho:

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