Episode 42 - From Bankruptcy to 2 Commas: Interview with Nate Armstrong

47m | Jan 6, 2024


In this episode, I interviewed Nate Armstrong, a multifamily real estate investor, who discussed his background and experiences. He talked about his entry into real estate after working at Target, starting with small rental properties. Nate described a challenging development project that led to financial strain, bankruptcy, and eventual success. He advised against large projects initially, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes.

Currently, Nate focuses on buying multifamily properties in Kentucky and Wisconsin, preferring off-market deals with favorable mortgage rates. Despite setbacks, he successfully built a portfolio through small partnerships. Nate discussed strategies for finding deals, targeting sellers with low mortgage rates, and using social media, especially Facebook groups, to connect with investors and sellers. He also shared insights into attracting passive investors through lead magnets and value-add content.

Nate discussed crucial aspects of his real estate business, emphasizing the significance of due diligence in property acquisition. Post-acquisition, Nate highlighted effective communication during ownership transitions and the importance of timely rent collections. The evaluation of expiring leases and the implementation of property management strategies were also part of the conversation. Nate has also been very experienced with syndication, highlighting a $12 million deal with 261 units.

Nate’s future plans included potential retirement from the real estate business and exploring blockchain technology for secure and efficient real estate investments through digital currency.

⭐️About Nate:

Nate Armstrong, the founder of HomeInvest, is a seasoned professional in Real Estate Investing. has earned several accolades, including the prestigious Inc 500 Award. Additionally, their marketing brand,, stands out with the highest rating in its niche on Trust Pilot, boasting an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars.

What sets Nate apart is his commitment to making a positive impact beyond real estate. He is the driving force behind "Home Invest Kids, Inc.," a non-profit initiative addressing the challenges faced by children today, such as gender confusion, racism, and growing up in fatherless households.

💜 Where to find Nate:

► Website:

► Facebook:

► Instagram: @RealNateArmstrong

☞ Nate’s Book Recommendation:

► "The Talent Code" by by Daniel Coyle, John Farrell, et al.:

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