Episode 48 - Systemize Your Business: Interview with Cary Prejean

33m | Mar 30, 2024


In this episode, Cary Prejean, CEO of Strategic Business Advisors (fka CFO Consulting LLC), shares his journey from working in accounting to founding his own company. He observed a lack of financial literacy among small business owners, hindering their ability to interpret financial statements and make informed decisions. This insight prompted him to educate and assist small businesses, leading to the creation of his company.

Cary's solution was to develop customizable financial dashboards on Excel, providing real-time actionable data for businesses. These dashboards enable owners to track cash flow, receivables, payables, and other vital metrics, empowering them to manage their businesses effectively.

Additionally, Cary helps owners transition from being hands-on to adopting a strategic, hands-off approach by empowering their teams and clarifying expectations. This transition ultimately frees up owners to focus on strategic vision and revenue generation.

Cary discusses the challenges small business owners face in relinquishing control and implementing effective processes. He emphasizes the importance of trust between employers and employees, highlighting that employees need to feel cared for and valued in order to perform at their best. Cary draws parallels between businesses and military operations, emphasizing the need for consistent processes and training to achieve success.

Through his expertise and tailored solutions, Cary enables small business owners to achieve financial clarity, peace of mind, and improved profitability.

⭐️About Cary:

Cary Prejean, a seasoned Controller and CFO, is dedicated to empowering business owners through the Well-Oiled Machine process. Recognizing the frustrations of stagnant businesses, Cary offers a transformative four-month course to streamline operations and optimize profitability.

By replacing outdated accounting models with practical strategies, Cary equips entrepreneurs with customized procedures and intuitive dashboard reporting systems. This enables owners to efficiently manage their enterprises with minimal time investment, fostering growth and freedom.

Beyond immediate gains, Cary assists in long-term strategic planning to ensure sustained success. By proactively shaping their business trajectory, owners can navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

💜 Where to find Cary:

► Website:

► Linkedin:

☞ Cary’s Book Recommendation:

► "The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber:

► “The Science of Dream Teams” by Mike Zani:

► “Traction” by Gino Wickman:

► “How to Be a Great Boss” by Gino Wickman and René Boer:

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