Episode 45 - Manifesting Abundance: Interview with Miriam Castilla

36m | Feb 19, 2024


In this episode, I interviewed Miriam Castilla, founder of Magnetic Money®. Miriam starts the discussion with the benefits of yoga in her life, emphasizing how it helps her maintain clarity of mind and deal with stress, which is crucial for her business endeavors. She delves into the concept of wealth mindset versus mere income, highlighting how wealth provides freedom and options in contrast to solely focusing on earning money.

Miriam explains her approach to helping clients build wealth while managing their finances effectively through group coaching programs. She incorporates practices like hypnotherapy to address subconscious blocks that hinder financial success, aiming to empower clients to shift their mindset and behaviors. Miriam also shares her journey into hypnotherapy and the importance of understanding subconscious patterns in achieving personal and financial goals.

Miriam primarily serves women business owners through group coaching rather than one-on-one sessions to maximize her impact and ensure clients have the necessary tools for long-term success. The group sessions for the "Magnetic Money" program are conducted online and consist of pre-recorded modules, live weekly calls, Q&A sessions, and one-on-one coaching with an accountability coach. The program focuses on energetic alignment, mindset, unconscious beliefs, and practical money management. It helps participants overcome money shame by shifting their focus towards abundance and celebrating their current financial situation.

⭐️About Miriam:

With a background in finance, hypnotherapy, and mindset coaching, Miriam Castilla helps people transform their relationship with money, gain money confidence, and achieve their goals.

It's about making money fun and easy - by setting up a money system that only takes 5 minutes a week and changing the way you think and feel about money.

Miriam Castilla is the founder of Magnetic Money® and creator of the Magnetic Money® system, helping women business owners become more magnetic and stop worrying about money.

As an international speaker and bestselling author, Miriam Castilla is also available for corporate training, workshops, and consulting.

Her personal journey has seen her go from broke, single mum to award-winning business owner. Miriam Castilla understands what it feels like to stress about money - even when you have it! And she knows what it takes to transform both your mindset and your finances so you never worry about money again and feel abundant inside and out.

Contact Miriam Castilla via email ( and find out how she can help you and/or your team transform your finances and your mindset.

💜 Where to find Miriam:

► Website:

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☞ Miriam’s Book Recommendation:

► "The (5Min) Magnetic Money Management System" by Miriam Castilla:

► "The Surrender Experiment" by Michael Singer:

► "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle:

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