Episode 38 - In Her Successful Shoes: Interview with Sameera Singh

33m | Nov 11, 2023


In this episode, I interviewed Sameera (Sam) Singh, a money mindset coach who started in this field due to personal financial struggles. She pursued multiple coaching certifications and developed her own methods and money personalities, which she plans to detail in an upcoming book. She defines "money mindset" as a combination of beliefs, feelings, and actions regarding money, emphasizing the importance of managing finances effectively. Sam addresses common limiting beliefs, particularly among women, such as hard work being necessary for wealth, fears of becoming a bad person with wealth, scarcity, and self-worth issues.

She helps clients by identifying their "money personality," unraveling limiting beliefs, and encouraging practical action for financial management. A success story she shares involves a client who overcame a deep-rooted sense of unworthiness, leading to significant business growth. Sam's method involves writing exercises and evidence journals to confront and transform beliefs and emotions related to money. She also guides clients in creating business strategies aligned with their personalities.

Sam's advice for financial success includes understanding one's money personality, overcoming limiting beliefs, managing energy, taking inspired action, and efficient financial management. She recommends books like "Lucky Bitch" by Denise Duffield-Thomas and "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill for further reading on money mindset.

⭐️About Sam:

Sameera (Sam) Singh is a Money Coach, Actor, and Author based in London. Her mission is to empower business owners to transform their relationship with money and achieve breakthroughs to six figures. Sam’s expertise lies in helping business owners construct an authentic six-figure business that is aligned with their money personality and values, enabling them to create freedom in their lives and make a unique impact on the world.

Sam is the author of 'Money Mastery,' a forthcoming book on building a business in harmony with one's financial identity.

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