Episode 37 - What Are You Retiring To? Interview with Dalene Higgins

43m | Oct 28, 2023


In this interview, Dalene Higgins, the founder of Elevate Finances, discusses her journey from a city job with a pension plan to early retirement and her transition into the world of financial coaching. Dalene shares her motivation for early retirement and the importance of financial planning, especially for Gen Xers.

She talks about the challenges she faced during her working years and the need for disciplined financial management. Dalene emphasizes the importance of having a clear budget and long-term financial planning.

The interview delves into the unique challenges faced by Gen Xers, especially those dealing with divorce or trying to catch up on their finances. Dalene offers advice on managing debt, setting boundaries, and preparing for retirement.

The conversation touches on the importance of changing mindsets and being disciplined with money management. Dalene emphasizes the need to focus on what kind of life you want in retirement and the significance of financial freedom.

Overall, the interview provides valuable insights into retirement planning, financial coaching, and the challenges and solutions for Gen Xers in achieving financial independence.

⭐️About Dalene:

Dalene Higgins, the founder of Elevate Finances, is a dedicated financial coach specializing in helping Gen Xers achieve their financial goals. With a background in accounting and an MBA, Dalene brings a wealth of financial expertise to her role. Having retired after 32 years in the public sector, where she managed a substantial budget, Dalene decided to channel her passion for financial empowerment into helping others.

Dalene's mission is to assist Gen Xers in paying down their debts, formulating savings plans, and regaining control of their finances, ultimately providing the freedom to retire early or live comfortably in the present. She understands the challenges of managing student loans, car payments, and family expenses, and has personally experienced the transformation from financial stress to the realization that financial freedom is attainable. Dalene is committed to sharing her knowledge and strategies to make financial stability and early retirement achievable for her clients.

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