Episode 32 - Jason Brown

51m | Aug 19, 2023


In this episode, I interviewed Jason Brown, who runs an education company teaching people how to trade and manage finances. Jason shares his personal journey, starting with trading $10,000 from a student loan, and eventually building a six-figure trading company at a young age. He talks about his humble background and early exposure to financial disparities.

Jason learned trading through self-teaching, observing stock market patterns, and gradually refining his skills. He emphasizes that trading is about taking advantage of momentum and price actions, not attempting to time the market perfectly. He uses options to hedge against potential losses and talks about using knowledge of market patterns to make well-informed trades.

His YouTube channel and podcast were born out of a desire to educate others and help them navigate the stock market. He focuses on simplifying trading concepts and addressing the mindset challenges that often hinder people from succeeding in the market. Jason encourages people to believe in themselves and dispels the misconception that they are not good with money.

For beginners, he advises giving themselves more credit and not being intimidated by the stock market. He stresses that the stock market offers opportunities for everyone, regardless of their financial background or expertise. He also highlights the importance of education and learning from experienced traders.

⭐️About Jason:

Jason is a finance graduate from Wayne State University with over a decade of experience in stocks and options trading. At the young age of 23, Jason started trading with a $10,000 student loan and grew it into a six-figure trading account. His passion for teaching others about stock market investing led him to create his own online education company “Power Trades University” which has helped thousands of students worldwide to start investing.

Jason is an active YouTuber with over 80,000 subscribers and his videos have reached over 1 million views. He is also the host of the “Money, Markets and Mindset Podcast”. Jason believes that anyone can profit from the stock market if they know what to look for, and how to spot low-risk but high-reward times to buy and sell combined with the right option strategies to supercharge returns and minimize risk.

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