Episode 35 - Simple Action Can Be A Game Changer: Interview with Tom Giusti

20m | Sep 30, 2023


In this podcast episode, the guest, Tom Giusti, shares his own experiences working in the banking and mortgage industry for over 25 years and how he became a personal finance podcaster “by accident”. We delve into various topics including Tom's journey into the world of podcasting, personal finances, his professional background, and his book Game Changer.

Tom talks about the inspiration behind his podcast, which covers a wide range of personal finance topics, including budgeting, goal setting, and debt reduction. Tom explains that his inspiration comes from interactions with his clients, answering their financial questions, and helping them improve their financial situations.

The conversation shifts towards Tom's plans for the future, including the possibility of starting a financial coaching company to help individuals with their financial challenges. Tom emphasizes the importance of finding a trustworthy financial coach who can provide personalized guidance.

Tom concludes by highlighting the significance of mindset and the willingness to change as crucial factors in achieving financial success. He encourages listeners to take control of their finances and make necessary changes to secure a better financial future.

⭐️About Tom:

In 2019, Tom Giusti excelled as a Personal Banker II with Fifth Third Bank, earning recognition as a top producer. Beyond his dedication to his family, Tom has a profound passion for music. His musical journey began at the age of 17 when he co-founded the National Independent Recording Artist "Soul Fisher" in the mid-90s. This endeavor led Tom to embark on several North West US Tours, and in 1995, he toured nationally from California to New York to support their first independent release, "In a faithless world." Along the way, Tom had the privilege of opening for notable acts such as Jars of Clay, Bloodgood, Tourniquet, Guardian, Dove award winner Lisa Daggs, and many others. Their single "Let it Rain" from the album consistently held the #1 position on independent music charts for weeks. Continuing his musical journey, Tom continues to write, play, and perform regularly with his cover band "Beauty From Ashes," where he takes the lead alongside his wife. In addition to his music endeavors, Tom also serves as a college and high school baseball umpire during the spring and summer seasons.

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