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Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina

Hello and welcome to Happy and Healthy mind with Dr. Rozina, where you can learn practical tools for your mental fitness. 

My name is Dr. Rozina. As a medical doctor specializing in psychiatry, a best selling author, and transformational speaker, I have been helping people live a happier and healthier life for more than 20 years. 

I started this program Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina because I believe that our mind influences all aspects of life. We could prevent a lot of suffering, achieve success, and live our best life if we nurture our minds to be happier and healthier.

Here I bring to you tips that work for optimum health and happiness so you can prevent or reduce illness and enjoy your best life. 

On this program, Happy and Healthy mind with Dr. Rozina, you will also hear from doctors, authors, leaders, and especially from people living and thriving with mental challenges.

You will hear their personal or their client stories of struggle, their turning points, and how their lives have changed by applying certain tools.

They will share their toolkits- the very tools that helped them in their journeys. The techniques that helped them, may help you too.

Most important, their stories of courage and resilience will give you hope that no matter how difficult the circumstances, you can get better too.

And hopefully we will laugh along the way. 

We are all in it together, helping each other. Many guests share their wisdom or ebooks that you will be able to get for free.

And at the end of each episode, I share a special tool or technique to help you nurture a happy and healthy mind. You never know what may inspire you and change the trajectory of your life. 

You see, I still feel nervous and stumble on words. I feel shy and fearful. I worry how people are going to judge me. So I am taking a risk by doing this program. But, I repeat a mantra in my mind, what if one life is saved. If one of you get inspired and your life changes for the better, all my efforts are worth it. 

Although all information shared here is for educational purposes and should not be considered treatment. Please refer to your health care professional for specific advice. It would arm you with information to discuss and make informed decisions.

So whether you are doing well mentally and want to maintain optimum health and happiness or facing some mental challenges, this program is for you

Most of the episodes are fireside chat style interviews, but here and there I also sprinkle some instructional episodes. The interviews are broadcasted live every Saturday at 11 am pacific time and later shared on other platforms including Podcast.

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As this program started in April 2020, we would release the past episode every day in December 2020 and then go to weekly episodes.

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Dedicated to your health and happiness