Desiry Hall From "Marrying Millions” Giving God glory Overcoming Infidelity and Abuse

27m | Feb 16, 2023

Desiry Hall, from Lifetime's reality series "Marrying Millions," joins Ashley Winston on the Break Free Podcast to discuss how to have hope during difficult times. Hall, a survivor of domestic violence, shares her story of how she found hope and healing through her relationship with God. In addition, she offers listeners practical advice on how to pray and trust God amid difficult times. Hall is a powerful example of God being always available when we seek him. Key points from today's episode: Desiry Hall's advice on always praying and having a pure and trusting relationship with God. How Desiry Hall's husband possesses many qualities she looks for in a partner, and how Desiry Hall was able to overcome the infidelity in her relationship by seeking answers from God and studying the Bible. How God can help change the hearts of those who despitefully use you. How to deal with family members who don't support your dreams. How to show up, tell the truth, and do the work so that you can live God's best for your life. How prayer is powerful.

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