PT 1 - Plow, Plant, Prosper: Overcoming Hurdles to Unlock God's Plan for You

19m | Jun 6, 2024

In our latest throwback episode, Ashley unpacked the concept of "Getting Over It" - tackling those challenging adjustments we often avoid but that are essential for our growth and success. She discussed the importance of not just focusing on the external aspects of our business, but also on our spiritual and personal development.

Ashley shared insights from her conversations with frustrated entrepreneurs from various industries who weren't seeing the progress they expected. She explored the common themes in their struggles and how these can be addressed by embracing the process God has for us.

Ashley talked about the significance of plowing the hard ground of our businesses and hearts, planting seeds through time, resources, or finances, and the patience required. She emphasizes the importance of systems and structures in our businesses to handle the harvest we pray for, using the biblical story of the woman with the pot of oil as an example of following God's instructions to achieve overflow in our lives. Encouraging listeners to get over the hurdles, plant their seeds, and prepare for the harvest with the right systems in place.

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