Faith 101: Tips for Unlocking God's Promises in Our Lives

16m | Feb 22, 2024

In part two of our throwback faith series, Ashley unravels the secrets to unlocking God's promises in our lives. She discusses the crucial role of planting the seed of God's Word in our hearts, knowing that no fruit can be produced without this foundational element. She reminds us that faith without corresponding actions is futile, urging us to activate our faith through the Word of God.

Ashley emphasizes believing and decisively embracing God's truth without hesitation. She urges listeners to ask God for what they need, meditate on His Word, and practice love, faith, and patience while awaiting His promises. Ashley also educates listeners on the transformative power of confession, stressing the importance of verbalizing God's Word until it manifests, crafting personalized confessions, and wielding them as potent weapons against life's adversities.

Tune in to today's episode and watch for the upcoming release of part three in our Faith 101 throwback series on the Break Free podcast.

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