PT 1 - The Art of Patience: Building a Life of Faith and Discipline

27m | Jan 11, 2024

In today's episode, Ashley is joined by her Unstoppable Network Mentorship Community as they unravel the profound impact of living in harmony with truth. Drawing inspiration from "The Truman Show," they dissect the intricate dynamics of deception and its powerful influence. Personal stories and breakthroughs are shared, spotlighting the struggle with control in various aspects of life.

Ashley guides the conversation while uncovering underlying fears and belief systems that drive our need to control, emphasizing the importance of identifying and addressing these issues with God's guidance. She discusses the role of discipline, drawing parallels between athletic training and personal growth, unveiling how our habits shape our destiny and the necessity of developing new skills to achieve our desired life.

Encouraging listeners to reflect on how badly they want to change and to take action in partnership with God, using faith as the catalyst for transformation. 

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