Faith 101: Aligning your Self Image for Breakthrough and Abundance

14m | Feb 8, 2024

In part one of our faith series, we share a blast from the past where Ashley discusses the importance of faith and how it can be the key to breaking free in various areas of our lives, emphasizing reading the Bible to understand what we have access to as believers and how, without knowledge of God's word, we may miss out on His blessings and abundance. Ashley breaks down the two types of faith, dominating faith and creative faith, and shares her journey of overcoming the fear of public speaking and how she developed the boldness and courage to speak in front of others.

Today's episode reminds listeners that God has a plan for their lives. It serves as a guide to developing faith as the master key to breaking free in all areas and understanding that our responsibility is to cooperate with God and His plans, rejecting negative beliefs and aligning ourselves with His truth. By doing so, we can experience the manifestation of His promises and live in His abundance.

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