Leading with Confidence: Embracing Self-Image for Effective Leadership

26m | Nov 9, 2023

In this empowering episode of the Break Free Podcast, join host Ashley Winston as she sits down with Linda Yates, a highly sought international Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Author, and Corporate Trainer, also known as the image energizer. She has motivated over 10,000 individuals representing Fortune 500 companies throughout North America, including Tyco, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Fannie Mae, and Century 21. Ashley and Linda dig into the world of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship as Linda shares her inspiring journey of breaking into the C-suite as the first woman leader and how she overcame challenges and discrimination in her career. Discover the importance of authenticity and self-awareness as Linda sheds light on her passion for helping others tap into their potential. Don't miss this enlightening conversation with Ashley and Linda, as they encourage us all to believe that nothing is impossible when we show up and follow our dreams. Listen now and be inspired to break barriers and thrive as a confident leader in any field.

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