Rising Together: Mentorship and the Power of Collaboration

37m | Oct 26, 2023

This special edition celebrates National Mentoring Day, featuring a captivating conversation with two of Ashley's mentees, Jessica and Julia. In this inspiring episode, Ashley talks about the immense impact of mentorship on personal journeys of development. Each guest shares their distinctive story, illustrating how the guidance of a mentor has been pivotal in navigating meaningful life changes. As Mentoring Day's significance unfolds, the discussion explores the dynamics that underpin the potency of mentorship. The episode underscores the importance of embracing humility, confronting individual perspectives, and seeking wisdom from those who traverse similar paths of growth. Beyond the enriching conversation, this episode stands as a testament to the potential of the human spirit and its capacity to evolve. Join Ashley in commemorating National Mentoring Day, and be prepared to be enthralled by narratives that unfold when hearts and minds are open to guidance, growth, and the grace of God. Join Ashley’s Unstoppable Mentorship community by visiting the link in her instagram bio today @theashleywinston

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