PT 2 - The Art of Patience: Building a Life of Faith and Discipline

15m | Jan 25, 2024

In part two of this enlightening episode, Ashley gives listeners a backstage pass to one of her monthly virtual meetups in her Unstoppable Network Mentorship Community, where she discusses the importance of living in agreement with the truth and its impact on our freedom.

Ashley engages in the personal stories and experiences of the women in her Unstoppable Network Mentorship community as she urges them to reflect on the areas in their own lives where they are not taking adequate action. Some common themes that emerge include self-care, finances, and health. Ashley breaks down the underlying beliefs and emotions that contribute to these patterns while emphasizing the importance of addressing these soul issues and unpacking the emotional baggage that holds us back. Ashley encourages listeners to seek deliverance and healing to cultivate discipline and explores the connection between self-care and health. Overall, this episode serves as a wake-up call for listeners to confront their internal struggles, prioritize self-care, and align their actions with their true desires and values.

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