4 Secrets for Successful Goal-Setting God's Way

21m | Jan 31, 2023

Ashley shares four secrets for successful goal-setting God’s way in this episode. Firstly, she emphasizes the importance of seeking God because we are pursuing his purpose; we must first seek him. Secondly, she advises listening to God without having a motive. Thirdly, she urges having a strategy, outlining your vision, and making it plain. Last but not least, you have to execute. Seek God wholeheartedly, be real about what works for you, progress in your thinking, work hard, and have faith that God will provide a successful outcome. Establishing goals is more than creating a list on a piece of paper. Our goals should be steps that guide us toward our God-given purpose. Work smarter and not harder this year as you learn to set goals God’s way. Listen closely as Ashley reveals how you can maximize your time by tapping into the plans of God to set goals that align with the life he created you to live. Put your plans into action as you learn to develop and execute heavenly strategies that will get you closer to your destiny than ever before. Follow these secrets to be successful in God’s way: seek God, listen to God, write your vision, and execute the goal. Key points from today's episode: Establishing a special space for your relationship with God is critical for deepening your spiritual intimacy. Make sure to take time each day to intentionally listen for God’s voice, for it is the only way to ensure your goals are aligned with His grace. Leverage the power of writing down your vision and goals to increase your chances of success by up to 47%, as inspired by the Word of God.

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