Don Jamieson WHACKS Goodfellas Episode 208 GTSC podcast

1h 18m | Oct 18, 2023

A fan favorite gutter returns and picks THE film many thought would never be attacked. Don Jamieson (That Jamieson Show on Compound Media, That Metal Show, Comedy Central) has picked arguably the GOAT of mob movies, Goodfellas. You have to been as flummoxed as Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel were when Don made his selection. Why does he hate Tommy, Henry, Paulie, Janice Rossi, the whore in 2R, and of course, KAAAAAAREN!

Do you think Don stands a chance in denting this titanium plated classic? Or is Don's argument going to end up like Tommy and be gone...and there's nothing we can do about it. The gang also weighs on this debate, what's the most quoted scene from Goodfellas: The "get your shine box/Billy Bats" scene or "am I a clown, do I amuse you? Also, the trio discusses the all time top mob films.

What are your favorite scenes and quotes? Let us know on the social media platforms!

Let's see if Don can Gut...the..sacred...cow!

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Title: Unmasking the Myth: Is "Goodfellas" Truly Overrated?


Delve into the world of organized crime cinema as we peel back the layers of Martin Scorsese's classic "Goodfellas." In this candid podcast episode, we unravel the reasons behind the film's overrated reputation in the gangster movie genre.

Hosted by Kevin Gootee and Kevin Israel, this episode provides a critical examination of "Goodfellas," addressing the question: Does it truly deserve its iconic status? We explore the film's narrative, characters, and its portrayal of the mob world, shedding light on the aspects that have garnered praise and criticism alike.

Join us for an engaging discussion that challenges the conventional wisdom about "Goodfellas." Share your own thoughts with us using #UnmaskingTheMythPodcast and let's uncover whether this gangster classic truly lives up to the hype.

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