Why Clerks Isn't Supposed To Be Here in 2023 episode 213 GTSC podcast

1h 38m | Dec 2, 2023

Why Clerks isn't supposed to be here in 2023? The 90's indie comedy juggernaut shuffles in front of the firing squad at the request of Ray Stakenas. Who Would Win's favorite curmudgeon returns to spit water in the face of a treasured Gen X comedy that literally spawned an entire universe: Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks 2, Clerks 3. Ray tactfully discusses why the terrible acting can't cover up the mediocre jokes and why some of the plot points are also deserving of no penance.

Sitting in with Kevin Gootee is one of his favorite ladies, comedienne Linette Paladino (HBO and Amazon Prime) Can Ray get in the win column again? Or is his argument worse than a bunch of community college actors working under a first time director?

Is this truly a comedy cult classic? How does this rank on your list of movie soundtracks?

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Do you think Ray stands a chance in taking out the knees of this beloved indie classic? Let's see if Ray can Gut...the..sacred...cow!

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Why Clerks Isn't Supposed To Be Here in 2023 episode 213 GTSC podcast

Title: Clerks Chronicles: Navigating the Quirky Realism of Kevin Smith's Masterpiece

Welcome to Gutting the Sacred Cow, the ultimate destination for film aficionados! In this episode, we dive deep into the world of indie cinema with our spotlight on "Clerks," Kevin Smith's groundbreaking cult classic. Join us for a lively discussion as we dissect the humor, realism, and lasting impact of this iconic film.

🔍 Episode Highlights:

  • 🌐 Indie Filmmaking Insights: Explore the indie film scene with our breakdown of how "Clerks" revolutionized the landscape. We discuss the budget constraints, raw authenticity, and creative choices that defined this cinematic gem.
  • Clerks Characters Unveiled: From Dante to Randal, we unravel the quirks and nuances of the memorable characters that populate the Quick Stop. Discover why these characters have become cultural touchstones.
  • 😂 The Humor of Everyday Life: Delve into the unique humor of "Clerks" that captures the mundane yet hilarious moments of everyday life. We examine the comedic genius behind Kevin Smith's dialogue and comedic timing.
  • 🎥 Influence on Indie Cinema: Trace the film's impact on indie filmmaking and its role in inspiring a new generation of filmmakers. Explore how "Clerks" paved the way for other independent productions.
  • 🎬 Clerks Sequels and Spin-Offs: Discuss the various sequels and spin-offs spawned by the success of "Clerks" and their contributions to the film's legacy.

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