Sophia Benoit THROWS GLADIATOR TO THE LIONS episode 209

1h 25m | Oct 23, 2023

Ever see a movie about gladiators? Sophia Benoit (Well, This Is Exhausting) has and she thinks a certain film called Gladiator is just hogwash. She explains why Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix are less entertaining than Roman orgies and why this should never won the Oscar for Best Picture. Kevin Gootee grabbed former gutter from the Risky Business episode, high end escort and model/sex workerl, Amy Taylor. So give us 100 minutes and I'll ask you...ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Sorry, had to insert that line somewhere and that somewhere is here.

Do you think Gladiator still holds up? Is still best picture worthy? And who doesn't enjoy CGIed tigers? Let's hear your favorite quotes

What are your favorite scenes and quotes? Let us know on the social media platforms!

Let's see if Sophia can Gut...the..sacred...cow!

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"Unmasking the Epic: Gladiator's Overrated Legacy"


Join us for a thought-provoking podcast episode where we scrutinize the historical epic, "Gladiator," to reveal why it may be overrated. In this candid discussion, we'll dissect the film's narrative, characters, and cinematic impact, challenging its iconic status.

Hosted by Kevin Gootee and Amy Taylor, this episode offers a critical analysis of "Gladiator," raising the question: Does it truly live up to the grandeur it's known for? We'll explore the factors that have led to its acclaim and critique, discussing the film's historical accuracy, cultural significance, and impact on the sword-and-sandal genre.

Tune in for an engaging conversation that reevaluates the legacy of "Gladiator." Share your perspective using #UnmaskingGladiatorPodcast and help us unveil whether this epic truly deserves its revered reputation.

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Sophia Benoit THROWS GLADIATOR TO THE LIONS episode 209

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