BONUS episode: What Did We Watch #34 Gutting the Sacred Cow Podcast

3m | Nov 8, 2023

Let's hear about some films that are both fun watches and fun to tell everyone they should hold their nose and walk past.

Kevin Gootee watched Old Dads on Netflix (Bill Burr and Bobby Canavale) as well as Diamonds Are Forever (Sean Connery)

Lisa Curry watched "Paris 13th District", an interesting black and white film.

AC Roe watched Julia Louis Dreyfus in "You Hurt My Feelings"

BONUS episode: What Did We Watch #34 Gutting the Sacred Cow Podcast

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Lisa Curry EXPELS Rushmore Episode 211 GTSC podcast

Title: "Reassessing Rushmore: Is It Really Overrated and Unfunny?"


Join us for an intriguing podcast episode as we embark on a candid examination of Wes Anderson's acclaimed film, "Rushmore." In this critical discussion, we aim to unravel why some perceive the movie as overrated and unfunny, challenging its iconic status.

Hosted by Kevin Gootee, this episode dives deep into "Rushmore," questioning whether its humor truly stands the test of time. We'll dissect the film's narrative, characters, and distinctive style to understand the factors contributing to both its praise and criticism.

Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that takes a fresh perspective on "Rushmore." Share your insights using #ReassessingRushmorePodcast, and let's determine whether this unique film may not be the comedy classic it's often claimed to be.

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