Lisa Curry EXPELS Rushmore Episode 211 GTSC podcast

1h 7m | Nov 4, 2023

Just as the nerds are sheathing their swords, another Wes Anderson finds itself on the business end of a broad axe. Lisa Curry, opener for Jim Jefferies, gets a megaphone to shout why Rushmore is one of the worst high school comedies ever made. Lisa explains how Bill Murray, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, and why Jason Schwartzman's nepotism tanks the film. Lisa also explains how she went to a super rowdy school in (checks notes) Crown Pointe, Indiana. Well, they all can't be the high school from Lean on Men. Kevin Gootee taps the shoulder of old pal, AC Roe (The Conversation on Hulu) to jump on this USS Enterprise of bemusement.

Where do you rank Rushmore on the list of great comedies? Is this Wes Anderson's best film? Are you tired of clickbait-y questions? Too bad, we've got more with some laughs. So tell a friend why you love this podcast.

Do you think Lisa stands a chance in taking out the knees of this beloved indie comedy? Let's see if Lisa can Gut...the..sacred...cow!

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Lisa Curry EXPELS Rushmore Episode 211 GTSC podcast

Title: "Reassessing Rushmore: Is It Really Overrated and Unfunny?"


Join us for an intriguing podcast episode as we embark on a candid examination of Wes Anderson's acclaimed film, "Rushmore." In this critical discussion, we aim to unravel why some perceive the movie as overrated and unfunny, challenging its iconic status.

Hosted by Kevin Gootee, this episode dives deep into "Rushmore," questioning whether its humor truly stands the test of time. We'll dissect the film's narrative, characters, and distinctive style to understand the factors contributing to both its praise and criticism.

Tune in for a thought-provoking conversation that takes a fresh perspective on "Rushmore." Share your insights using #ReassessingRushmorePodcast, and let's determine whether this unique film may not be the comedy classic it's often claimed to be.

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