Seynique Smythe EXORCISES The Amityville Horror episode 210 GTSC podcast

1h 26m | Oct 29, 2023

Hey trick or treaters! Seynique Smythe makes her premier appearance for our Halloween episode and explains why the original Amityville Horror is like finding razor blades in your candy. James Brolin (Mr Barbra Streisand) and Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in the Superman movies) aren't impressing her. She shows Kevin Gootee and guest host Delvin Cox why this possessed home story doesn't even scare the real estate agent trying to sell that house. Perfect way to enjoy your Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), Mischief Night, and Halloween festivities. Looking for a Halloween costume idea? How about a slutty Kevin Gootee costume? Or a slutty gutter? No? Sigh, fine. Also, did you know there are TWO cameos from Back to the Future actors as well as a topless Lois Lane from Superman?

We hear Seynique's and Kevin Gootee's ghost stories, how black women LOVE Lifetime movies, Delvin Cox's sleep paralysis, famous houses from film and TV that the neighbors are sick of people visiting. Also, Kevin and Delvin discuss Star Wars Jedi Survivor in a little gaming talk. Lastly, Seynique and Delvin bust Kevin's stones by asking what it was like growing up in the 80's. Spoiler alert, pretty f---ing rad.

Do you think Seynique stands a chance in gutting this horror classic? 

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Let's see if Seynique can Gut...the..sacred...cow!

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Join us for a spine-tingling podcast episode as we explore the haunting legacy of "The Amityville Horror" and dissect why it may be overrated. In this in-depth discussion, we'll scrutinize the film's plot, its influence on the horror genre, and the enduring fascination surrounding the infamous house.

Hosted by Kevin Gootee, this episode takes a critical look at "The Amityville Horror," asking the question: Does it truly live up to the terror it's known for? We'll delve into the reasons behind its acclaim and critique, examining the historical context, its impact on the horror genre, and the real-life events that inspired the story.

Tune in for a chilling conversation that demystifies the hype around "The Amityville Horror." Share your thoughts using #DemystifyingAmityvillePodcast and let's uncover whether this iconic horror tale deserves its enduring reputation.

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