Rudy Doesn't Make the Playoffs as a Sports Movie Episode 215 GTSC podcast

57m | Dec 24, 2023

Notre Dame football, an underdog story, and Mikey from the Goonies or Sam the Hobbit from Lord of the Rings. Mike Price explains why he likes those 3 things but not all in one movie that ignored facts and fabricated plot lines. You know Mike from previous episodes like Argo, JFK, Batman Returns, and Dead Poet's Society. You also know this Simpsons writer as a stickler for historical inaccuracies. Sitting in to co-host with Kevin Gootee is actor/power lunch partner and from God's Will on Amazon Prime, Ron Barba.

The boys also the best sports films of all time. Mike also shares a couple of Simpsons stories he wrote. Lastly, the fellas discuss the movie moments that never fail to make them tear up.

Can Mike convince the crew you're not a communist and un-American because you hate Rudy? Or is Mike's argument drier than Notre Dame's championship runs in 35 years? Thanks for having with us every week and time for a small favor: tell a friend why you love this podcast. 

Do you think Mike concusses Rudy into this beloved Pixar classic? Let's see if Mike will Gut...the..sacred...cow!

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Debunking the Glory: Why "Rudy" Might Not Be the Underdog Triumph You Remember

Welcome back to "Gutting the Sacred Cow," where we fearlessly challenge cinematic favorites! In this episode, we lace up our cleats and step onto the field to tackle the classic underdog tale, "Rudy." Get ready for a touchdown of truth as we dive into why this sports movie might be overrated.

🔍 Episode Highlights:

  • 🏈 Underdog Overhype: Is "Rudy" the ultimate underdog triumph, or have we been caught up in the nostalgia tackle? We break down the elements that contribute to its legendary status and examine whether it truly deserves the praise.
  • 😂 Comedic Reality Check: Our team of comedians leaves no helmet unturned as they roast the clichés, tropes, and perhaps inflated reputation that surround "Rudy." Brace yourself for laughs and unexpected insights.
  • 🤨 Behind the Huddle: Dive into behind-the-scenes stories, trivia, and filmmaking decisions that may shed light on why "Rudy" has become a sacred cow in the sports movie genre.
  • 🎤 Listener Debate: We open the field to our listeners! Hear the thoughts and arguments from our audience as they weigh in on whether "Rudy" is truly the inspirational masterpiece it's cracked up to be.

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Rudy Doesn't Make the Playoffs as a Sports Movie Episode 215 GTSC podcast

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