Why Inside Out Has 5 Emotions But No Heart Episode 214 GTSC Podcast

1h 16m | Dec 17, 2023

We live in a world that has people find Pixar movies (not including this recent awful batch) overrated and we've now found our 2nd detractor. JL Cauvin returns for the 4th time to share why Inside Out is disappointing and how it's NOT a top tiered Pixar film. JL loves Coco, Toy Story 1-4, and the Incredible to name a few. However, the voice talents of Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, and Richard Kind as Bing Bong aren't hitting those familiar notes. Sitting in with Kevin Gootee is George Neumann, winner of the gutting contests (Red Dawn and Commando)

The boys also discuss whatever happened to gratuitous nudity in films and what their favorite Pixar/Disney films are. But not in the same conversation cause that's some weird sub Reddit discussion we want no part of. Also, how far has Pixar fallen from grace with their recent string of bombs. Lastly, the fellas discuss the movie moments that never fail to make them tear up.

Can JL convince the crew he's not a monster by showing everyone why Inside Out isn't a top 10 Pixar film?

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Do you think JL stomps out Sadness and filters his Anger into this beloved Pixar classic? Let's see if JL can Gut...the..sacred...cow!

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🔍 Episode Highlights:

  • 🌈 Emotional Intelligence Unleashed: Explore how "Inside Out" beautifully captures the complexities of emotions. We delve into the psychology behind each character and the film's portrayal of joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust.
  • 🎬 Pixar Magic Unveiled: Discover the storytelling techniques and animation prowess that make "Inside Out" a groundbreaking achievement in the world of animated cinema. We discuss Pixar's innovation in bringing emotions to life.
  • 😄 Laugh, Cry, Think: From hilarious moments to tear-jerking scenes, we dissect the emotional rollercoaster that "Inside Out" takes us on. Share your favorite moments and memories from this animated masterpiece.
  • 🤔 Real-World Impact: How has "Inside Out" influenced discussions around mental health and emotions? We explore the film's impact on pop culture and its resonance with audiences of all ages.

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