Podcasting Tips

The Podcaster Gift Guide

The holidays, and sales, are just around the corner! Struggling to figure out what to get the podcaster in your life? Or perhaps the podcaster lover in your life? Look no further! We’re here to guide you on the best types of gifts to get podcasters and podcast lovers alike.

Equipment They’ll Love

There’s a surprising amount of tech podcasters can use to up their recording game. Most podcasters start simple – a mic and a computer. But they can always benefit from accessories that help to improve the sound of their recordings and make it easier to make their show.


An essential part of recording a podcast is the microphone. Chances are that the podcaster in your life has a microphone, but consider these options for those who are using their computer microphones or a beat-up headset.

Recording Software

Another essential part of creating a podcast is the recording software. There are plenty of free options available, but purchasing a gift subscription or gift card to purchase one of these professional tools.

  • Logic Pro: An Apple product. We recommend purchasing an App Store Gift Card in order to gift this tool.
  • Adobe Audition: An Adobe product. We recommend purchasing and setting up an account for the recipient.
  • Reaper: Reaper provides a code to be used once purchased. Simply forward the code to the recipient! (We recommend entering the recipient’s name and email address when purchasing, if possible.)
Hosting Platform

One last essential piece to hosting a podcast is finding it a home on the web. Hosting Platforms, like RedCircle, allow folks to upload and share their content with the world!

To purchase a subscription, you most likely will need to create an account in their name and set up the subscription. (RedCircle’s subscriptions are set to auto-renew, so be sure that the recipient cancels before the date of renewal.) 


Podcasters use headphones to monitor their sound levels and audio quality in real-time when recording. It also helps to keep the more distractible folks on track during recording sessions. At the very least, you want to select headphones that are comfortable and have good audio quality.

  • Audio Technica offers both wired and wireless headphones that are comfortable and of great quality. Headphones range from $50 USD to $350+ USD. Their Studio headphones in particular are great for podcasting!
  • Sennheiser is another comfortable and stylish option (and a personal favorite of some folks on the RedCircle team!) Prices range from $50 USD to $500+ USD.
  • Sony is also a wonderful option for podcasting and other media like video games and video recording. You can pick up super budget-friendly $20 headphones or splurge on some $300+ ones. However, we recommend going with the oh-so-comfy WH (wireless) models.
  • Apple Airpods are also a great option (seems like almost everyone has a pair or two!) Prices for AirPods go from about $130 to $550.
Pop Filters & Windscreens

These clip-on accessories help to significantly reduce noise from plosive speech. Though windscreens are typically meant for outdoor noises, they can be helpful when recording indoors, too.

Pop filters typically attach to desks and sit in front of the microphone while windscreens look like foam microphone covers.

Neither of these accessories are ultra-expensive, so they’re worth the small investment. You can find them on Amazon, Best Buy, and other places that specialize in tech.

Microphone Stands

While it’s possible to record an entire episode holding up a microphone, it’s way less comfortable of a position. There are some mics that are able to stand up on their own, so that’s always an option instead.

Similar to pop filters and windscreens, mic stands aren’t terribly expensive and can help to elevate their podcasting setup. You can find suitable stands on Amazon, Best Buy, and any other place that specializes in tech.


A mixer helps to create much higher-level audio as it allows better control of the input of each mic hooked up to it. It also helps to reduce the time spent editing as it can adjust the volume right on the fly. It can even add sound effects during the recording!

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • RødeCaster Pro – Wildly popular with podcasters, the RødCaster Pro series offers a good deal of features to improve audio.
  • Focusrite – In particular their Scarlett series, which is generally popular among musicians and podcasters alike, is a great option to control voice levels and make it sound much brighter.
  • Mackie – A legendary brand in sound and audio design offers a host of pro-level products. Not only do they often set the standard for products, their prices can range from budget-friendly $70 USD to network-deep-pockets $800. There’s an option for every type of podcaster.

Show Your Support

Another fantastic way to share the holiday cheer is to donate or subscribe to your podcast friends’ shows! RedCircle offers the ability to donate directly to your favorite show or purchase a subscription to unlock Exclusive Content.

This also makes a great gift for the podcast lover in your life! If they enjoy a specific podcast and it offers exclusive content, consider purchasing a subscription for that podcaster to gift to the listener. On RedCircle, we recommend making an account and purchasing directly from there. Then, simply share the login information and pass the account over to the recipient. (RedCircle’s exclusive content subscriptions are set to auto-renew, so be sure that the recipient cancels before the date of renewal.)

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the holidays this year with podcasters and listeners alike! Take advantage of Black Friday deals and gift them something they’ll love!