Women Make Waves with Lindsey Locke, Arielle Bloom, and Laura D'Aiello

Women Make Waves is an all-female hosted NCFIT podcast. Your hosts Lindsey, Arielle (aka Bloom), and Laura (aka LD) talk to female coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more, with the goal of elevating the voices of bada** women around us! A rising tide lifts all ships, and we're here to honor, laugh, and chat with strong women! Strength is FEMALE!


Episode 4 | Adee Cazayoux | Nothing Left Unsaid
Show Details50min 47s
Episode 3 | Arielle Bloom | Functional Nutrition & High Performance Habits
Show Details46min 13s
Episode 2 | Juliet Starrett | I Hate The Word Passion: Do Sh*t You're Good At
Show Details59min 28s
Episode 1 | Annie Thorisdottir | Mothers Making Waves
Show Details49min 5s