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Women Make Waves with Lindsey Locke & Arielle Bloom

Women Make Waves is an all-female hosted NCFIT podcast. Your hosts, Lindsey and Arielle (aka Bloom), talk to female coaches, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more, with the goal of elevating the voices of bada** women around us! A rising tide lifts all ships, and we're here to honor, laugh, and chat with strong women! Strength is FEMALE!


Addicted To The Process | Kels Kiel
Show Details49min 35s
Creativity & Coaching | Emily Rappold
Show Details44min 46s
Vulnerability Hangover | Amanda Barnhart
Show Details54min 9s
Film Making & Motherhood | Mariah Moore
Show Details49min 55s
Holiday Prep | Linds & Bloom
Show Details58min 6s
The Science of Starting Over | Danny J
Show Details53min 22s
Hustle In Silence | Kandace Hudspeth
Show Details50min 24s
Behind The Scenes of the CrossFit Games | Christine Bald
Show Details49min 15s
Movement As Medicine | Julie Foucher
Show Details50min 24s
Making The Complex Simple | EC Synkowski
Show Details43min 27s
Conscious Coaching | Colleen Fleming
Show Details45min 10s
Doping Scandals & Radical Responsibility | Linds & Bloom
Show Details43min 25s
Episode 31 | Camille Leblanc-Bazinet | Results are King
Show Details55min 28s
Episode 30 | Dr. Stacy Sims | Women Are NOT Small Men
Show Details53min 9s
Episode 29 | Miranda Alcaraz | Swim Against The Tide
Show Details42min 19s
Episode 28 | Lindsey Mathews | BIRTHFIT
Show Details55min 40s
Episode 27 | Emily Schromm | Macros, Mantras, & Meditation
Show Details55min 1s
Episode 26 | Caroline Burckle | Permission To Be ME
Show Details51min 5s
Episode 25 | Kelly Clark | What? We Can’t Just Blame Dave Castro Anymore?
Show Details50min 5s
Episode 24 | Annie Sakamoto | You Don’t Have to be Perfect
Show Details52min 39s
Episode 23 | Kari Pearce | It’s Not Luck, It’s Hard Work
Show Details51min 48s
Episode 22 | Alison Scudds | Placing Worth on Effort Not Outcome
Show Details47min 53s
Episode 21 | Leslie Brocchini M.D. | Healing the Healer
Show Details49min 11s
Episode 20 | Linds, Bloom, & LD | Girl Talk Vol. 1
Show Details47min 6s
Episode 19 | Ashley Rice & Jocelyn Gaddie | Action Over Aesthetics
Show Details47min 18s
Episode 18 | Amy Morrison | Cold Exposure & Compassion
Show Details44min 27s
Episode 17 | Natalie Allport | Mental Health Is Health
Show Details52min 22s
Episode 16 | Leah Lutz | Cherishing Change
Show Details49min 22s
Episode 15 | Erin Blevins | The Amazonian Carnivore
Show Details52min 57s
Episode 14 | Linda Tang | Stop Making Sustainability a Contingenci
Show Details51min 43s
Episode 13 | Jen Widerstrom | Strong Women Love Strong Women
Show Details50min 46s
Episode 12 | Aubrie Lee | Thriving Not Surviving
Show Details55min 45s
Episode 11 | Amelia Boone | Running is NOT Therapy
Show Details46min 44s
Episode 10 | Laura D'Aiello | Indiana Jones Covered In Glitter: Mountaineering Mental Health
Show Details44min 24s
Episode 9 | Mindy Chen | Disrupting The "Norm" & Being a Notorious Bastard
Show Details58min 37s
Episode 8 | Kelli Tennant | Sexual Goddess
Show Details47min 43s
Episode 7 | Lauren Fisher | Grown Strong
Show Details46min 45s
Episode 6 | Lindsey Locke | Sticking It To Shame
Show Details48min 22s
Episode 5 | Jenn Dancer | Words Are A Reflection of Your Heart
Show Details51min 50s
Episode 4 | Adee Cazayoux | Nothing Left Unsaid
Show Details50min 47s
Episode 3 | Arielle Bloom | Functional Nutrition & High Performance Habits
Show Details46min 13s
Episode 2 | Juliet Starrett | I Hate The Word Passion: Do Sh*t You're Good At
Show Details59min 28s
Episode 1 | Annie Thorisdottir | Mothers Making Waves
Show Details49min 5s