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Season B - Ep. 6: Diamond Innabi, Vice President at Software Equity Group, on SaaS Valuation and M&A
Show Details20min 31s
Season B - Ep. 5: Marion Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO of Govenda, on serial entrepreneurship, and building a SaaS company
Show Details23min 57s
Season B - Ep. 4: Miguel Fernandez, Co-Founder & CEO at Capchase, on alternative financing for SaaS companies
Show Details20min 44s
Season B - Ep. 3: Scott Salkin, SVP & GM at Gainsight Essentials, on Customer Success in SMBs
Show Details20min 50s
Season B - Ep. 2: Mark Strauch, Founding Partner at Alpine Investors, on building a SaaS holding company
Show Details35min 53s
Season B - Ep. 1: Geoffrey Moore, Author and Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners, on Crossing the Chasm – 30 Years Later
Show Details21min 21s
Season A - Ep. 18: Bruno Aziza, Head of Data & Analytics at Google Cloud on the past, present, and future of Data Analytics
Show Details21min 48s
Season A - Ep. 17: Jan Arendtsz, Founder & CEO of Celigo on Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS)
Show Details34min 35s
Season A - Ep. 16: Vlad Besprozvany, Founder of Nexa Equity on Investing in Lower-Middle Market SaaS
Show Details40min 5s
Season A - Ep. 15: Erinn Tarpey, CMO at Visual Lease on SaaS Marketing
Show Details35min 21s
Season A - Ep. 14: Shelley Perry, Managing Director at Scalelogix Ventures on Investor vs Operator mindset
Show Details33min 16s
Season A - Ep. 13: Michael Lyon, Founder & MD at Vista Point Advisors on Selling your SaaS company
Show Details32min 12s
Season A - Ep. 12: Faisal Masud, CEO at Fabric on Rebuilding E-Commerce
Show Details32min 45s
Season A - Ep. 11: Patrick Campbell, Founder & CEO at ProfitWell on Pricing Strategies for SaaS
Show Details25min 50s
Season A - Ep. 10: Tom Meister, Co-Founder at NepFin on Revenue-Based Financing
Show Details38min 47s
Season A - Ep. 9: Mark Znutas, VP of GTM Strategy and Operations at HubSpot on RevOps
Show Details22min 12s
Season A - Ep. 8: Scott Beechuk, Partner at Norwest Venture Partners on SaaS Startups
Show Details38min 22s
Season A - Ep. 7: Anadelia Fadeev, Director of Demand Generation and Growth at Teleport on Lead Gen and Brand Awareness
Show Details17min 22s
Season A - Ep. 6: Sam Richard, Senior Director of Growth at Openview Partners on Product Led Growth
Show Details19min 7s
Season A - Ep. 5: Andy Bane, CEO of Element Analytics on unifying OT and IT data
Show Details28min 7s
Season A - Ep. 4: Alok Ajmera, CEO of Prophix on converting software from on-prem to a cloud
Show Details32min 36s
Season A - Ep. 3: Deb Muller, Founder & CEO of HR Acuity on bootstrapping & choosing investors
Show Details27min 7s
Season A - Ep. 2: Steve Wolfe, Co-Founder of Growth Street Partners on Growth Investments in SaaS companies
Show Details36min 37s
Season A - Ep. 1: Dave Kellogg on VC and PE investments in SaaS companies
Show Details35min 27s
I. A Brief History of SaaS - Phil Wainewright
Show Details32min 7s
II. Key SaaS Metrics - Dave Kellogg
Show Details38min 15s
III. Building a Sales Org - Jacco van der Kooij
Show Details57min 19s
IV. Building a Marketing Org - Tracy Eiler
Show Details38min 44s
V. Building a Customer Success Org - Ed Daly
Show Details22min 18s
VI. Raising Capital - Bruce Cleveland
Hide Details44min 39s

Bruce Cleveland is a Partner at Wildcat where he focuses on early stage software startups that enable digital transformation across business, government, and education markets. Bruce enjoys working with companies that use technology and data to increase revenue and decrease costs.

 Bruce held senior executive roles in engineering, product management and product marketing with companies, such as Apple, AT&T, Oracle and Siebel Systems. Bruce’s last operational role was as a member of the founding executive team of Siebel Systems, where he served as senior vice president and general manager of Marketing and Products. In this role, Forbes and IDC credited him with creating the most effective B2B alliance program in the software industry. Bruce began his venture capital career at InterWest Partners, where he was the first investor and a former board member of Marketo, which held an IPO in 2013 and was acquired by Adobe in 2018 for $4.75 billion.

Bruce is also the author of the best seller, Traversing the Traction Gap and lectures on the Traction Gap Framework at various universities and industry events.

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44min 39s
Published Mar 8, 2020 at 8:15pm