CSM (R) Christopher Greca

Season 1 | Episode 38
2h 6m | Aug 26, 2023

The episode commences by delving into the profound significance of the Ranger Creed and its indispensable role in one's life. The conversation highlights the dwindling emphasis on instilling the Ranger Creed deeply within individuals' minds as compared to the past.

The discussion then transitions to underscore the vital importance of shared comprehension and effective communication in leadership. Current challenges facing the military force are examined, shedding light on the reasons behind the ongoing difficulties in maintaining optimal force levels.

The centerpiece of the episode revolves around a comprehensive exploration of the disparities between the broader Army culture and the distinctive culture within the Ranger Regiment. The hosts candidly share their personal experiences within both spheres, discussing the merits and drawbacks of each. Notably, Chris reflects on the influential leaders who played pivotal roles in shaping his journey.

The episode takes a turn to offer insights into leadership perspectives during deployments, particularly the observations made as leaders encountering new Rangers on Forward Operating Bases (FOBs).

Chris's trajectory from his service in Korea to ultimately joining the Ranger Regiment is elaborated upon. Initially destined for RRD, his unique skill set as an 11C led to a redirection to 2/75. The narrative delves into his challenges during Ranger School, including a medical setback that led to his departure.

The episode culminates with a deep dive into senior-level leadership, a realm where Chris possesses extensive experience, having served for over 31 years in the Army.

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