CSM (R) Al Pertuz

Season 1 | Episode 44
2h 4m | Nov 18, 2023

In this episode, we embark on a journey with Al, who begins by sharing the remarkable impact that the Legends podcast has had and the captivating stories it unravels. This sets the stage for a reflective and insightful conversation.

Al's path to becoming a Ranger was marked by a unique experience – he trained with a platoon comprised entirely of future Rangers. It was during this phase that he was introduced to the high standards and unwavering commitment that would shape his future.

Upon arriving in the Ranger Regiment, Al carried specific expectations, and these initial experiences left an indelible mark on him. He fondly recalls those moments as being truly once-in-a-lifetime, setting the tone for the rest of his journey.

The episode delves into the intersection of expectations and accountability within the organizational culture. A consensus emerges about the value of prioritizing quality over quantity, a mindset that can significantly benefit the entire army.

During our conversation, Al takes a moment to acknowledge early leaders who played a pivotal role in our lives. These mentors not only left a lasting impression but also redefined our understanding of what it meant to uphold the standard.

Our discussion evolves as we examine our own evolution as leaders. It's clear that the leaders we encountered and the environments we navigated significantly influenced our development.

Al also shares the challenges he faced during his first deployment, offering insights into his role within a training detachment, which temporarily delayed his overseas mission.

The episode concludes with a thoughtful exploration of Al's transition out of the Army and the new experiences that have emerged as he embarks on this distinct journey. This poignant conversation with Al sheds light on the rich tapestry of experiences, leadership, and transformation that has marked his life's adventure.

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