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Legends of the 75th

Before the Ranger Creed is recited by a formation of Rangers at any ceremony, you will always here the Narrator say this: “Will all Ranger Past and Present please join us as we recite the Ranger Creed”? Every Ranger will stand and as they say those six stanza’s they are transformed back to a time when they had the pleasure and burden of this brotherhood.

That feeling is hard to describe, however it is one that never leaves you. It’s a connection that spans the globe and can be reignited when you hear the phrase: “hey Ranger what battalion you from”.

Amongst this formation there are Rangers that stand out, they are Legends of this elite organization and when their names are spoken people instantly have a story and for a moment relive it.

Legends of the 75th Podcast wants to capture that feeling and those stories. We want to ensure that these legends triumphs and sacrifices never fade away. So, sit back with your favorite adult beverage and listen to the stories from the “Legends of the 75th”. 


CSM (R) Eddie Nolan (trailer)
Show Details12min 18s
CSM (R) Eddie Noland
Show Details55min 11s
MSG (R) Kevin Nelson
Show Details1hr 33min
MSG (R) Kevin Nelson (Trailer)
Show Details11min 53s
General (R) Joseph Votel (Trailer)
Show Details11min 41s
General (R) Joseph Votel
Show Details1hr 10min
CSM (R) William Richards
Show Details1hr 44min
CSM (R) Will Richards (Trailer)
Show Details11min 55s
MAJ (R) Jeff Struecker Trailer
Show Details13min 39s
MAJ (R) Jeff Struecker
Show Details1hr 5min
CW 2 Timothy Torres Trailer
Show Details15min 57s
CW2 Timothy Torres
Show Details1hr 11min
COL (R) Keith Nightingale
Show Details1hr 22min
COL (R) Keith Nightingale Trailer
Show Details14min 30s
CSM (R) Rick Merritt
Show Details1hr 18min
CSM (R) Rick Merritt (Trailer)
Show Details13min 48s
General (R) Stanley McChrystal
Show Details1hr 10min
General (R) Stanley McChrystal (Trailer)
Show Details13min 56s
Ranger Buddies with Brandon Young and Justin Vienne
Show Details1hr 34min
CSM (R) Hugh Roberts
Show Details1hr 31min
CSM (R) Hugh Roberts Trailer
Show Details13min 13s
MSG (R) Jariko Denman Trailer
Show Details16min 49s
MSG (R) Jariko Denman
Show Details1hr 13min
CSM Reese Teakell Trailer
Show Details10min 38s
CSM Reese Teakell
Show Details1hr 19min
COL (R) Michael Foster
Show Details1hr 27min
COL (R) Michael Foster Trailer
Show Details12min 55s
CSM (R) Mike Hall Trailer
Show Details13min 55s
CSM (R) Brian Stover-Trailer
Show Details13min 39s
CSM (R) Mike Hall
Show Details1hr 25min
CSM (R) Brian Stover
Show Details1hr 25min
Pilot Episode
Show Details2min