CSM (R) James Pippin

Season 2 | Episode 3
1h 38m | Feb 3, 2024

About the Guest(s):

Command Sergeant Major retired James Pippin is a distinguished military veteran with 25 years of exemplary service in the United States Army, including 18 collective years with the 75th Ranger Regiment. A decorated figure, Pippen is known for his leadership roles in several Ranger battalions including 3/75, 2/75, and Regimental Headquarters (RHQ). His significant contributions extend to his time with the 1st Cavalry Regiment post-USASMA, notable for a highly-discussed deployment in Mosul. Command Sergeant Major Pippin's impactful career showcases his commitment to leading from the front and exemplifying the values of the Ranger Brotherhood.

Episode Summary:

In this captivating episode of Legends of the 75th podcast, host Mike dives deep into a conversation with Command Sergeant Major retired James Pippin, unraveling the compelling narratives of a legendary Ranger. Pippin's evocative stories transport listeners through the trenches of Ranger history, from the rigorous standards set in the 1980s to the global advancement of the Ranger Regiment today.

Pippen begins by recounting his formative experiences and iconic operations throughout his illustrious career, including the combat jumps in Panama, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The discussion then transitions into Pippin's seamless ability to translate the ethos of the Ranger Regiment into his subsequent roles in the broader Army. Throughout the episode, Pippin emphasizes the undying spirit of brotherhood amongst Rangers and the timeless traditions that bind generations of these elite soldiers together. His insights offer a profound glimpse into the dedication and transformational leadership that define the Ranger creed.

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