Gary E. Dolan

Season 2 | Episode 8
1h 52m | Apr 20, 2024

About the Guest(s):

Gary E. Dolan is an esteemed Vietnam War veteran who has deeply impacted the Ranger community with his contributions. After graduating from West Point in 1969, he served as part of Company C Rangers within the 75th Infantry Airborne organization, earning commendations such as the Combat Infantryman Badge and ten combat air medals. Post active-duty, he retired as a lieutenant colonel from the army reserves. A noted author, Dolan penned "Of Their Own Accord," a book that captures the spirit and sacrifices of Rangers. His innovative streak led him to tech entrepreneurship, founding the pioneering eBarter, the world's first online interactive barter exchange. With his expertise in leadership and innovation, Dolan continues to be an influential figure, both for veterans and in business circles.

Episode Summary:

In this riveting episode of "Legend of the 75th," our host engages in a profound conversation with Gary E. Dolan, a Vietnam War legend whose stories resonate with the brotherhood of Rangers. The transcript opens with a tribute to the immutable Ranger Creed, setting the stage for an exploration into the life of a man whose journey from West Point to the jungles of Vietnam is nothing short of cinematic.

Gary E. Dolan brings to life the transformative power of the Ranger Creed, sharing how it bridges rangers past and present across generations. He details his ascent from a Second Lieutenant to joining the elite ranks of Rangers in Vietnam, elucidating his experiences with Company C Rangers and shedding light on the gravity of leading six-man ambush teams in hostile environments without immediate support.

Key Takeaways:

Rangers, regardless of their generation, share a transcendent bond epitomized by the Ranger Creed, which Gary E. Dolan reveres as core to his identity and experiences.

Dolan reflects on the significance of leadership and camaraderie learned during his time in Vietnam, crediting the NCOs and team dynamics within the Ranger community.

Despite the challenging and often draining circumstances in combat, Dolan displays resilience and strategic prowess, managing complex operations with precision and commitment.

The episode touches upon the dichotomy of military decisions and the repercussions on servicemen, delving into the Vietnam War's political ramifications and its parallels with contemporary conflicts like Afghanistan.

Dolan's post-military career in innovation, specifically with eBarter, illustrates the adaptability and forward-thinking attitude ingrained in a Ranger, extending the ethos of persistence and excellence beyond the battlefield.

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