Matt Watters

Season 2 | Episode 6
2h 11m | Mar 16, 2024

About the Guest(s):

Matt Watters is an esteemed alumnus of 2/75 Ranger Battalion. His seven-year tenure in the organization was marked by deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, earning him awards like the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star with V for his valorous actions on objective reindeer. After his military career was cut short due to injuries sustained in combat, Matt transitioned to law enforcement, serving 17 years with the Tacoma Police Department. He continued to support the Ranger community before moving to Georgia to work for Daniel Defense, away from the front lines but still connected to the military world through the firearms industry.

Episode Summary:

In this captivating episode, we welcome Matt Watters, who shares his riveting stories from his time in the 75th Ranger Regiment and beyond. Starting the conversation with Matt's origins and the moments that transformed him into a Ranger, the show navigates through an outstanding military career marked by sacrifice, courage, and brotherhood. The summary unfolds as Matt recounts his experiences, offering listeners a genuine look into the realities of combat and the unbreakable bonds formed therein.

Matt Watters' narrative is a profound testament to the enduring spirit of the Ranger community. From the camaraderie and antics of day-to-day life in the Regiment to the pivotal operations that tested their mettle, Matt provides insight into the making of a Ranger legend. His story does not end with service, as he transitions to a distinguished career in law enforcement, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. The conversations reveal the core of a warrior who continues to serve and protect, highlighting the essential support systems and making a meaningful life after hanging up the uniform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Matt Watters describes the transformative power and deep connection of reciting the Ranger Creed, regardless of time and place.
  • His journey from a motivated high schooler to a decorated Ranger showcases the drive and tenacity inherent in those who choose this path.
  • The engaging tales from his time in 2/75 elicit both nostalgia and respect for the challenges and achievements shared by Rangers.
  • Matt's experience with injury, recovery, and his continued contribution to the community post-service exemplifies the adaptability and enduring commitment of veterans.
  • His current role at Daniel Defense illustrates a successful transition from military to civilian life while maintaining a connection to his roots.

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