LTC Edward Graham

Season 1 | Episode 46
1h 35m | Dec 16, 2023

In this episode, we sit down with Edward Graham, a remarkable individual hailing from a prominent family with a legacy worth acknowledging. The conversation kicks off by exploring Edward's motivations for joining the Army, a decision rooted in his family's prodigious history and a deep-seated sense of duty.

As we navigate through the episode, Edward shares poignant moments, including his whereabouts on 9/11, a pivotal event that fueled his determination to serve his country. A particularly intriguing aspect emerges as we delve into Edward's perspective as a Christian entering a profession where taking human lives is an inherent reality—a complex moral and spiritual journey that he openly reflects upon.

The narrative unfolds to Edward's experience in Ranger Regiment as a young Fire Support Officer (FSO), serving alongside Ranger legends who played a crucial role in shaping his character and leadership style. The discussion sheds light on the dynamics of the regiment, the influence of commanding officers, and the relentless demands imposed by the war.

An exploration of the Ranger NCOs who significantly impacted Edward's growth as a leader, officer, and individual adds depth to the episode. Their guidance, often delivered with an unwavering commitment, contributed to Edward's development within the Ranger community.

The storyline takes a turn as Edward recounts the events and decisions leading to his departure from the Army, ultimately assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer at Samaritan's Purse. The complexities of this transition and the insightful reflections shared by Edward offer valuable perspectives for others navigating similar career shifts.

The episode concludes with a powerful discussion on the importance of pushing oneself out of comfort zones—an ethos that resonates deeply with Edward's journey. His experiences, both in the military and beyond, serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for listeners.

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