Will Israel

Season 2 | Episode 7
2h 21m | Apr 6, 2024

About the Guest(s):

Captain William Israel is a veteran with a rich and distinguished history within the 75th Ranger Regiment. Enlisting in the Army in January 2001, he embarked on a military journey that included several deployments and various operational roles. As a member of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, he participated in seven deployments before transitioning to the Ranger Special Troops Battalion (RSTB) as a Sergeant First Class. He later made the pivotal decision to attend Officer Candidate School (OCS), leading to further deployments as an officer with the 3rd Ranger Battalion. Captain Israel retired from military service in 2021 after committing two decades to the armed forces. Post-retirement, he served as a Chief Strategy Officer and consultant for Sable Outdoors in Montana. Currently, he holds the position of Executive Director for the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association (MOGA), advocating and representing an industry integral to Montana's tourism and conservation efforts.

Episode Summary:

In this deeply personal and enlightening episode, Captain William Israel opens up about his life, career, and the profound experiences that shaped him as a Ranger and a leader. The conversation transcends the typical military narrative, delving into his post-service contributions to the community and his take on various national and military issues.

The transcript captures a detailed account of Captain Israel's transformation from an enlisted Ranger to a commissioned officer, the struggles he encountered along the way, and the impact of traumatic events both on and off the battlefield. By sharing heartfelt memories and challenging times, he offers insight into the resilience required to navigate the complexities of military life and transition back into civilian roles.

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